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10 Symptoms of Game Addiction

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What’s good people, as we know gaming has become such a huge international pass time these days that it’s easy to get addicted. Hell even I have to admit that sometimes I become a straight up nerd when it comes to video games. So I decided to hook up the Ten basic symptoms of Game Addiction, lets hope no addict suffers from all ten of these at one time, that would be crazy.

1. You buy at least one video game per week.

I have seen it happen in person, a good friend of mine once bought four video games in one week.
My new name for him is Mr recession proof.

2. Your only purpose for being employed is to buy Video Games.

I ain’t going to lie, when I saw the February 2009 line up It made me eager to increase the amount of shifts I do at work. Its just too bad they didn’t want to give me the shifts I wanted, damn them!

3. You buy games that you KNOW you will not play more than twice.

If you purchase games, just for the hell of it, or just because you never like leaving out of the store empty handed. Then you officially have problems my friend, do yourself a favor and don’t pick up games like Hour Of Victory just because there is a lack of triple A titles. Instead, go back and get all those Mass Effect achievements.

4. You feel too much pressure in a relationship because you have to sacrifice gaming time for your partner.

It’s a very common thing to see somebody’s video game habits get in the way of their relationship, or for a partner to get jealous at the amount of time their loved one spends gaming. If you find it hard giving up time you could spend getting that Call Of Duty rank up for your lover, then I really do feel for you.

5. When your not gaming, your reading about them (On The Koalition right?)

As an addicted gamer, how else are you going to keep up on the latest games and industry news other than logging on to the Internet every day to fulfill your hunger for information. Sites like GameTrailers, Ign and *cough*TheKoalition.com*cough* bring you back on a daily basis to see what’s to come next in the world of gaming.

6. You no longer watch TV.

I am a victim to this symptom as TV is now appealing to me less and less. What is there on TV that can offer me what Gaming and the Internet do hmm? Hell they may as well start making shows like American Idol and Lost into video games, oh wait they already have. Point made!

7. You only realize that you have not eaten yet when your stomach growls.

No thats not one of the zombies in Left 4 Dead, thats actually your stomach telling you to feed yourself before you turn into a zombie.

8. You realize that you eventually need to move house because your gaming collection is ever growing.

Does your room look smaller and smaller every day? Do you have to continuously make room to house that new Collectors Edition? Then you are a victim of this symptom

9. You run out of things to talk about when speaking to people who do not game.

Does conversation get very limited to those who do not follow the gaming industry? Then you may need some new hobbies and interests because that is a huge problem. When your friend talks about that Packers game from last night, he may not be talking about playing Madden on Xbox Live.

10. You dust off your console(s) and Hoover up the room every week, KNOWING damn well that you never did chores before you owned game consoles.

Every game addict knows that it is mandatory to take good care of those systems, they make them ever so delicate these days.

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