Could Sony’s Surprise Exclusive Be A Warhawk Sequel?

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The Internet is buzzing about Sony’s new exclusive that is about to be revealed soon. Many people figured it must be Resistance 3, or something coming from Insomniac as they have announced that they are working on two new games. However Insomniac themselves have denied that Sony are going to reveal any of their titles. This leads me to believe that the game could possibly be a sequel to the 2007 online action title, Warhawk.

For weeks now there have been hints that a new Warhawk game is being worked on by Incognito entertainment, mainly from our good friend HipHopGamer. It is beginning to make more sense for a Warhawk sequel to be revealed at this point, as the first one was well received. It has now been nearly three years since the first game, so a new revamp of the franchise would be more than welcomed. From what I got from hearing people talk about the possibility of a Warhawk 2, it seems they want to push a single player campaign as well as the online multi-player portion.

With Insomniac shutting down any idea of a product form their shop getting revealed, and Killzone 3 likely to not be revealed for some time. Warhawk 2 for the Playstation 3 makes the most sense to me at this point. I could be wrong, but regardless I am sure I am right in saying that there is a new Warhawk on the way. Only time will tell, be sure to tune in to Gametrailers TV to find out what Sony’s secret will be.

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