Greenberg Says Natal Will Sell Millions

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According to Microsoft’s best mouth piece Aaron Greenberg, they are expecting Project Natal to sell millions. Greenberg revealed that Microsoft are set to sell tons of the motion sensing camera technology, especially this holiday season. Speaking with EDGE magazine, Aaron Greenberg gave the following comments on the product.

“Our focus for launch [for Natal] is on original experiences, built from the ground up. We believe that’s important because the first impression has to be a magical one.”

Greenberg further added: “But because we expect millions and millions of these things to be sold this Christmas, over time developers will know millions of customers have these sensors so they can add functionality to their games.

“So you may see hybrid approaches, but our initial focus is on those unique experiences.”

Though there is no point arguing with the man, as he may just be absolutely correct. I would like to impress on the fact that I hope he didn’t mean it was built from the ground up in whilst Microsoft’s possession, as they bought the technology from Israeli company 3DV Systems. Though I am sure Microsoft’s in house resources have added on much more wonderful features to the technology. Project Natal is expected to launch sometime this Fall, but be on a close look out for the special Natal conference at E3 this year for more information.

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