Only 2% of Brits Are Thinking About Buying Into 3D

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According to a survey from YouGov only 2% of British people are ready to ride the 3D wave and actually purchase a 3DTV. The survey was conducted on 4199 people, and out of that only 89 people who averaged at an age bracket of 25-34 said that they are interested in the technology. That is a pretty low number when you consider just how much Sony and other companies are pushing 3D gaming. But at the same time I feel that the survey could have been conducted on a wider majority of people, to get more accurate results. Japan was also surveyed on the same subject recently, and the result was that 30% of those questioned were willing to adopt 3D.

In my opinion the problem stems mostly from the requirement of a new TV, for most consumers it’s a pain in the ass considering HDTV’s were pushed as a necessity over the past few years. Many consumers have only just managed to obtain a HDTV, and being asked to now consider 3DTV may just be asking too much. I am pretty sure that the 3DS will do well as the 3D is all done within the system itself, and does not require consumers spending a thousand bucks on a TV.

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