Sonys PSP-Go Was A Test Of Consumer Behavior

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The PSPgo is a handheld device that prides itself in being completely digital, but were consumers ready for that? It seems that is what Sony wanted to find out, I guess they were testing the waters. In a recent interview with MCV, SCEE president Andrew House said himself that the PSPgo was just a way for them to test consumer behavior.

“It was introduced in a mature lifecycle to learn more about what the consumer wanted and we’ve definitely learnt a lot. Is that measured by success in sales? I don’t think it is.

“One of the reasons we launched PSPgo was to understand where that consumer behavior was going. We were getting signals from consumers that this was the kind of device that they wanted.”

“But we need to recognize that consumers like their packaged media library.”

Many will see this as Sony just protecting themselves from failure, or doing damage control. However if you ask yourself a simple question, it will open up a completely new possibility as to what Sony’s handheld strategy is. Why exactly did they want to test consumer behavior? I have a feeling that Sony have been focusing heavy on the PSP2 development over the past couple years, and the PSPgo was a test to see if the market was ready for an all digital platform. I guess they were considering going that route with the PSP2, but now they learned their lesson I am sure we can expect a UMD option in the next PSP. The question is, when will the next PSP be revealed? With E3 a week away; that would be the obvious answer but I wouldn’t put all my pounds on it.

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