The Poll Data Is In: Are you impressed with the Playstation Move?

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This past week on our sidebar poll we asked the question, “Are you impressed with the Playstation Move?” Since its GDC previewing the Move has gained much criticism, so we figured it was time to see what the people thought of the Move. 111 of you voted and now it is time to analyze the results. Thirty of you (27%) voted “I don’t care for any of the motion controls in gaming”. Thirty eight of you (34%) voted for “No”, meaning you are not impressed. And the remaining forty three of you (39%) voted “Yes”, as in yes you are impressed.

So the majority of the people are impressed with the Playstation Move thus far, which is great for Sony. As long as they can continue to gain interest in the product they should see a satisfying result upon the release of the product. There is now a new poll on the side bar, so be sure to vote.

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