The Poll Data Is In: What Are Your Feelings Towards Alan Wake?

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This past week we have been asking all of you what your feelings are about Remedy’s Alan Wake. I had a feeling that there were many people out there who were not too enthusiastic about the game. Was I correct? Let’s see.

63 of you voted in total. 8 of you (13%) said “I do not own an Xbox 360 so I am not interested”. 12 of you (19%) opted for “I do not own an Xbox 360 but I still show interest”. Good to see non Xbox 360 owners are actually taking some interest. Only 17 of you (27%) voted “I am eagerly anticipating the release”. Leaving the remaining 26 people (41%) voting for “I own an Xbox 360 but do not care too much for this”.

Interesting results right there. So the majority of people who voted are Xbox 360 owners who do not even care that much for the game. This means that my instincts were indeed correct. I am sure Alan Wake will be a great game regardless, so everybody should definitely check it out if they get the chance.

There is now a new poll on the sidebar, so feel free to vote so that we can collect more data next week.

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