Gearbox Rewards Guy Who Held Onto Duke Nukem Forever Pre-order For 10 Years

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Many times I tell people that patience pays off, and this is a story which proves that. A guy known as Slash000 pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever from Gamestop all the way back in 2001, flash forward to 2011 and surprisingly Gamestop actually still honored the pre-order regardless of the fact that it has been ten years. Developer Gearbox actually got wind of Slash’s faithfulness and decided to reward him for it. As you can see from the image above Slash000 got sent a shit ton of Duke Nukem goodies, here is an actual list of contents that Gearbox sent to him.

Duke Nukem Forever PC Balls of Steel Edition #10, Signed by the Dev Team
Duke Nukem Headshot, Signed by the Development Team
Logitech G19 Keyboard with GamePanel LCD Screen (Supported by DNF PC)
Duke Nukem Forever Titty City Pint Glass
Duke Nukem Forever Titty City Shot Glass
Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club Shot Glass
Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club Mouse Pad
Duke Nukem Forever Belt Buckle
Duke Nukem Forever “Steroids”
Duke Nukem Forever Mini-Lithographs
Duke Nukem Forever gamerART Aluminum Mouse Pad
Duke Nukem Forever Hoody
Duke Burger T-Shirt
Hail to the King! T-Shirt
Come Get Some T-Shirt
Gearbox Swag Bag

The original pre-order slip:

The game may have sucked but at least Slash got a lot more bang for his buck.

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