Hideo Kojima Confirms He Won’t Be Attending E3 2011

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To all those who were expecting a Kojima sighting in L.A next week, there is bad news. In a tweet Hideo Kojima Confirmed that he will not be making it to E3.

But don’t be upset because Kojima is set to hold a pre-E3 event on June 2 which is this week. And even though he will not be at E3 in person he is supposed to be holding some kind of conference next week, to which a few things may be revealed. So expect big things from Kojima still, just don’t expect the man to show up at a Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo conference; or anywhere in L.A for that matter.

In other Kojima related news, Kojima revealed that he is recording for a new project. He even released an images to tease us, which you can see for yourself below. The image shows a recording studio where two monitors can be seen, with what looks to be a snap from a cutscene displaying on them. If you have any ideas on what this mystery game could be, then share your thoughts below.

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