The Epics Collection #1: Mass Effect (1 and 2)

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Although you all will know me through my written work as Gary A. Swaby, Swiff Epics has been my nick name for the duration of my Internet career. I didn’t choose the name Swiff Epics for no reason at all though. Epics is a word that truly represents my passion for good quality entertainment. Whether it’s an epic novel, an epic album, an epic film or an epic game; I have a weakness for top quality forms of entertainment. I often find myself being sidetracked from my duties to instead indulge myself in one of these epic forms of entertainment, and as a result I suffer set backs on many projects. Regardless of how many times this happens, I just cannot help myself.

Now since The Koalition is a platform for Video Games (as well as Hip Hop) I have decided to create this elite collection of video games from this generation which I consider to be completely EPIC. I don’t use the word “Epic” loosely either. It’s not enough just to like or be fond of a certain game for me to enter it into this collection. For a game to be in this collection it would have to be a game which has truly engrossed me to the point that I am 100% infatuated by it. It would have to be a game which has shown me things I have never seen before in gaming, or a game that has completely touched me to the point I feel real emotion.

With that being said, let me speak on the first game that I am inducting into my collection.


Although I entered this generation in 2007 with the purchase of my Playstation 3, I did not own an Xbox 360 until early 2009. Mass Effect 1 I believe was the second game I brought for the system. Now before I get into why this game deserves to be in my collection, let me explain why I even decided to buy it in the first place considering it was very old by that time.

I had heard the entire buzz surrounding Mass Effect since before the game was released in November 2007. This was the same year I purchased my Playstation 3 so of course I was a little annoyed that I couldn’t try it out, but I always knew I would eventually purchase an Xbox 360 anyway. Eventually the game released and the hype died down, but I continued to hear great things about the game from fellow RPG lovers like myself.

Fast forward to 2009. My first Xbox 360 game was Gears of War 2, and if I’m honest I was very disappointed with it. So I needed a good gaming experience to set me off to a good start on my Xbox 360. I knew the next game had to be one of the exclusive RPG’s on offer, whether it was a JRPG such as Lost Odyssey or a western RPG such as Fable 2 or Mass Effect 2. I’m not sure whether it was fate or instincts, but I ended up purchasing Mass Effect 2 and it is a decision I will not ever regret, one that I will always be thankful for when it comes to my love for video games.

Mass Effect is one of the most sophisticated RPG’s I have ever played. The blend of Sci Fi, RPG and 3rd person shooter action is one that works together incredibly well. I played Mass Effect over at least 12 times because it’s just that engaging, and you learn something new about the universe every single time.

One thing I love about RPG’s is being able to act out your own destiny, and having the choice of what decision you want to make. Bioware did this incredibly well, with different repercussions being made apparent based on the choices you make. Mass Effect is a game that had me so consumed that I was reading up on all the back story and history of the universe, as well as trying to come up with my own theories on certain conspiracies. Not only that but when I realized that everything I did would carry over to Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, I was 100% sold.

Mass Effect 2 came around the next year (2010), and I was just as hooked on this game as the first. They fixed all the major technical issues from the first game and advanced the story even further whilst planting new plot decisions for your Shepard. Not only that but you get to see certain events related to the choices you made in the first game, as well as old characters and squad mates. Also the romance with character Tali had me so touched that I really felt as if I was romancing her.

As we await the conclusion of Shepards story in Mass Effect 3, the series is one that I must induct into my Epics Collection. I decided to make it the first entry into the Epic Collection simply because I know anyone else who has played both games cannot disagree. This will show just how serious I am about inducting the top quality titles into this collection, and I hope as a result I can get new gamers into these IP’s.


Next week I will induct another game into The Epics Collection. There will be games that I know many will not class as Epic; but all I can say to those people is that If the game is in my collection then there is something special about the game period, whether you agree or not. Please leave your feedback in the comments below and let me know what you think of the Mass Effect franchise.

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