The Epics Collection 5: The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Video Commentary

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I’ve decided to bring back my Epics Collection series and make it more engaging by turning it into a video commentary series. Thanks to James G I now have a PVR at my disposal, so instead of just writing about my favorite games this generation I can actually show you them as I play.

This is not me trying to sell you on the game, as I have already written a full review on The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, this is just me showing off some of my very own gameplay with a commentary. If you’re a regular Koalition reader/listener then you would have heard me praise this game like no other, so you’ll get a look into why I enjoy it so much.

I didn’t play any quests during this video, it’s simply me exploring the south west section of the map.

Note: The audio is a few seconds off, this is due to some lag on my computer when I was recording the vocals.

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