New Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Trailer Reveals Enemies

by on April 15, 2013  

On Saturday, Capcom revealed a brand new enemy showcase trailer for their upcoming Dragon’s Dogma expansion pack Dark Arisen.

The video above introduces fans to an array of new enemy types that one would face should he or she decide to purchase Dark Arisen next week. The trailer also gives some in-depth combat techniques on how to best defeat these adversaries. Ever since Dragon’s Dogma surprised gamers and critics alike last year, Capcom has continued to show a tremendous amount of support for the new IP. I’ll be very interested to see if they officially reveal Dragon’s Dogma  2 at E3 2013.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen launches on April 23rd in North America and April 26th in Europe on the PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. If you still haven’t gotten a chance to play Dragon’s Dogma, then feel free to check out our review right HERE.

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