Atari Files for Bankruptcy, Pong and Asteroid Up for Grabs

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Today Atari Inc. has filed for bankruptcy in an attempt to release itself from its parent company Atari S.A. (formerly Infogrames), who are currently riddled with debt.

During this process Atari Inc. will have to sell of a lot of its famous licenses in order to satisfy its debtors, including the famous Atari logo, Pong and Asteroids.

Although filing for bankruptcy seems like a negative thing, in fact this is a positive move for Atari Inc. Being released from its parent company will give Atari Inc. a new lease of life, with the chance of starting again and attempting to regain their former glory.

Atari Inc. is currently working on a social Pong game with Zynga which will undoubtedly be profitable, so cutting all ties with the debt-ridden Atari S.A. seems like the best thing to do.

What are your thought on Atari Inc. filing for bankruptcy? Are you hopeful of their future? Let me know in the comments below.

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