Five Nintendo Games that Need a Reboot

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If you haven’t already, check out our other rundown of five games we want on the Wii U. We detail some of the games that we want to see make it to Nintendo’s latest console. But now let’s take a look at a different issue.

Nintendo has given gamers many franchises to fall in love with over the years. Many of gaming’s classic and iconic titles, such as Super Mario Brothers and the Legend of Zelda, have been mostly due to the creative mind of Nintendo’s own Shigeru Miyamoto. Yet outside of the main popular games that Nintendo has been known for, a few names have been lost or forgotten in the tides of time. While a few have received some sort of re-envisioning or homage in other games, they were never truly given the lime light as much as any of the other popular first party titles from the Big N. These are games that need to be given another chance for success and brought back into the public consciousness with a fresh coat of paint. These are a few games Nintendo needs to give a proper reboot.




Arguably the most requested titled Nintendo should revisit in the modern age of gaming. Originally known in Japan under the name “Mother”, this was an epic RPG created for the SNES. The main hero of the game, Ness, was featured more recently in Super Smash Brothers and its subsequent sequels, but the original franchise never made it passed three titles only in Japan and one game released here in the US. Much of this is due to a lot of copyright and other legal issues that Nintendo has claimed to be difficult to get around, which has led to a lot of fans being disappointed over the years. Yet with the hope of a digital re-release of the original “Mother” games, now is the perfect time and opportunity for Nintendo to create a new Earthbound game. Hopefully this could be a reality sometime in the near future on a next generation Nintendo console, games like Kid Icarus Uprising show how certain titles that fans have loved for years are in need for a long overdue revisiting. Much of the original mechanics of the battle system could fundamentally be the same, but with a few additions for the Wii U gamepad could really make the game more modern.




Every gamer from back in the NES days vividly remembers Duckhunt. It was the one game everyone had to have that required a light gun pointed at the television screen in order to play. And while shooting at the various ducks flying in different directions on the screen, nobody could forget the lovable dog that appeared from the grass each time you missed hitting a duck. Duckhunt was a game that really got gamers going and one of the first to really bring an arcade light gun experience home on the NES console. It has been many years filled with a ton of re-releases, where we have seen Duckhunt in its 8-bit glory. With the release of the Wii U, it is high time that we get a new version of Duckhunt for Nintendo’s next generation console. A new-school style Duckhunt would be a game that could really utilize the Wii U gamepad in various ways to really enhance the formula established in the original game. Old-school fans of gaming would very much enjoy being able to experience a new take on such a beloved game from Nintendo’s early days.



Star Fox

Now while there have been new titles and sequels that take place in the Star Fox universe, none of them really captured the essence of the original SNES or N64 games. Star Fox was one of the very first SNES games to really push the limit of the hardware by having a 3D like gaming experience on a cartridge system. The main focus of the game was in the flight combat against enemies on various worlds, while more recent titles have gone off in various directions. A new Star Fox game that returns to the basic formula of AR-Wing combat in space and air would allow the franchise to make a full-fledged comeback. Using the Wii U gamepad controller could make for some interesting experiences and mechanics that Nintendo can take to the extreme, if handled correctly. Star Fox is one of Nintendo’s beloved franchises, and it would be a shame for it not to have another great title take place in that universe.




It’s painfully obvious that Mario has gotten a ridiculous amount of games that feature his many compatriots in the Mario Universe. Many spinoff games feature all of his friends and enemies, yet the main focus is still on Mario himself. However, there was a time where Mario’s evil counterpart, Wario, starred in his own series of games on the Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced, and Gamecube. Warioland gave players the chance to be as devious as Mario’s negative half while also diving into a brand new adventure filled with many secrets and treasure. The recent Wario Ware titles have featured the evil guy, but have taken off in a different direction and bear no resemblance to the series that came before. A new next generation Warioland game could have the same appeal as Nintendo’s recent New Super Mario Brothers titles, but with a more devious and interesting twist with Wario being the main focus. Handled correctly, we could even get a pairing of both Wario and Waluigi, Luigi’s evil counterpart, in one game for the very first time.



Wave Race

When most people think about racing games along with Nintendo, Mario Kart is usually the first one to come to mind. However Mario Kart was not the only racing games that were made by Nintendo, Wave Race was a title that dated all the way back to the original Gameboy. The main focus was on Jet Ski racing, tropical environments, and sunny skies; just about everything you would imagine for a bright game from Nintendo. Now while there has been Wave Race 64 on the N64 and Wave Race Blue Storm on Gamecube, there has not been an addition to the series on Wii or Wii U. A new game would definitely implement the motion controls and Wii U gamepad well to the gameplay and would be a different change of pace from the usual Mario Kart. Creating a new Wave Race game would give Nintendo a chance to flex their muscles with some fresher feeling IPs outside of the traditional popular ones that have dominated so much. Much like other bright racers on Nintendo consoles, such as Crusin World or Mario Kart, Wave Race would definitely have the flair and style to appeal to arcade racing fans.

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