Gamers With Gains – Mega Man, Gym Training Food, and Leveling Up

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Have you ever wanted to build up a strong and fit body while still playing online matches of Call of Duty as much as you want? Want to know what the best kinds of foods and drinks to help make your game skills better overall are? This is where I come in to help you out.

I bring to you knowledge and wisdom to help you not only develop a stronger, more fit body, but also embrace and blend together your passion for playing video games, watching anime, and doing everything Otaku with living stronger. This is when you come to me and together can become Gamers With Gains.

It’s been a little while since the last time we chatted. In that time I’ve been honing skills and gathering more knowledge to bring to you, my fellow gamers, in hopes of you growing stronger. With Thanksgiving just passing us by, it was the best time to give you all some food for thought about the food you ingest into your body. Not to divert you from the food you love to eat, but to entice you to the idea of eating better and approaching health better to help better your gains in the gym and better your skills in your favorite video games.

To get the most out of you training in the gym as a gamer, sometimes you have to draw inspiration from role models. And what better role models can you have than from some of the passions and hobbies you have in your life. As a Thanksgiving holiday special, I made a video about eating enough food to gain muscle when you work in the gym. To compliment this, I made another discussing the idea of having courage to begin honing your body and strengthening yourself. Both videos have similar ideas as they both are based off two of gaming’s most iconic characters — Pac-Man and Mega Man.

Eat Like Pac-Man

Be Strong Like Mega Man

But that’s not all you need. Sometimes food for thought can be just as powerful as food for your belly. The right knowledge about health and prevention is just as valuable as anything you can think of. An author by the name of Jill Gambaro decided to send me a copy of her book The Truth About Carpel Tunnel Syndrome to check out and review. This was a great opportunity to check out something that could be given parallels to what us gamers go through over the years.

Check out the full review of the book. If you like it a lot, be sure to order a copy on Amazon at this link. It’s an interesting read for those who want to grow stronger.

Seek More Answers (Book Review and More)

It’s rest time again. Check back here on The Koalition for even more videos with tips and info to help you on your journey towards becoming a stronger gamer.

I encourage you to leave feedback and questions in the comment section here on The Koalition and in the videos. That way, I can answer your questions in a new video and help you become an even stronger gamer than you could ever imagine. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Gamers With Gains channel for even more videos on becoming a stronger gamer.

Train Hard and Play Hard everyone.

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