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It’s always a good thing to stay on top of your health and well-being. Even for us video game enthusiast, we sometimes get so caught up in the games we know and love that we shut out the other aspects of our lives, some of which can be super important. Even when we know we have to take care of ourselves and be vigilant with our health, we don’t always move forward with that mindset. Late night gaming sessions with our friends and the thrill of online matches sweep us off our feet every time.

Have you ever wanted to build up a strong and fit body while still play online matches of Call of Duty as much as you want? Want to know what the best kinds of foods and drinks to help make your game skills better overall are? This is where I come in to help you out. I bring to you knowledge and wisdom to help you not only develop a stronger more fit body, but also embrace and blend together your passion for playing video games, anime, and everything otaku with living stronger.

This is what Gamers With Gains is all about. Helping all the video game players of the world become healthier and grow stronger in body and mind, and express the passion for their favorite hobby. I’ll be providing helpful tips and advice each week here on The Koalition that will give you the tools you need to be proud to be a gamer and live stronger.

So here are some videos that will help get you started moving in the direction of being a strong, focused, healthy gamer.

A Real RPG Elixir to Grow Stronger

Everything from body building, to creativity, to making top eight in a game tournament starts from within you and your being. Your body and what’s within it is just as important as your mind and how you adapt to different scenarios when playing your games.

What you put into your body can influence how you function, right down to your emotions and reactions. So I created a video about something that you can have every day that will help you grow stronger. Not only does it help increase your gaming skills both on and offline, but it also can rid your body of all the bad stuff that gets caught in in it each and every day. And the best part? This real Elixir is easy to obtain, much easier than you may believe.


Getting Your Gaming Posture Right

When we play our video games, we either sit in a chair or something similar, or we find a nice spot on the ground to focus on what’s happening on screen. We get so enthralled with what we are playing that we fail to notice what is happening to our bodies. Before we know it, we are stricken with heavy back pain and find ourselves walking around with a hunch-back posture.

Now, since nobody wants to end up like Quasimodo, I created a video with some ideas and thoughts on how to not only prevent being a hunch-back, but also give you the correct posture to have when playing your video games. Trust me, you’ll thank me later when you finish spending a few hours playing Destiny.


Training Begins. Time to LEVEL UP

Now we can’t have just nothing but talk when it comes to fitness. Growing stronger and physically fit requires ACTION. You have to build up a strong foundation for your body so everything else can fall into place nicely. A strong, healthy body leads to a strong and bold mind, which can also lead to more wins in the video games you play.

You have to walk the walk if you are going to talk about growing stronger and body building. So here is the first official Training Video that not only has some exercises that you can utilize in the gym to grow stronger, but has a nice dose of video game talk to compliment everything, including some topics on the new Resident Evil remake and Collectors Editions. What good is fitness for helping gamers without any sort of application or relation to video games? Seriously, what good is anything of the sort without it? But I digress.

As an added bonus for you all (and because this is the first official post here on The Koalition), I have a neat surprise at the end of the Training video that many of you may find interesting, and even appreciate if you are a fan of martial arts movies and nunchucks. Yeah thats right people… I said NUNCHUCKS


But that’s all for this week guys. After all, you can’t train and build up your body and skills without the most important part of training, which is that Rest Time. Check back next week for even more videos with tips and info to help you on your journey towards becoming a stronger gamer.

I encourage you to leave feedback and questions in the comment section here on The Koalition and in the videos, that way I can answer your questions in a new video and help you become an even stronger gamer than you could ever imagine.

Till next week everyone, Train Hard and Play Hard so we can all become Gamers With Gains.

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