Creator Owned Expo 2013 – A Charming Brand New Convention

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The Creator Owned Expo is a convention that spotlights artist looking to get their work into the eyes of the general public, while at the same time celebrates all aspects of geek and otaku related culture. Artist from all kinds of disciplines, both indie and mainstream, flocked over to the Universal Palms Hotel in Fort Lauderdale with hopes of generating awareness for their latest projects. Those who attended were treated to a cavalcade of artistic exploration and convention-goer fun. For a premiere year, this convention had enough good aspects to make for a great start of what could be a new annual event.

There was a variety of panels that went on during the day, including some that focused on acting in films, self-publishing comics, and much more. While the space available was not big at all, the small area helped create a personal experience for anyone walking through the dealers and panel rooms of Creator Owned Expo. The backdrop of the hotel pool and garden provided a great setting for con-goers to have fun taking photos in cosplay, as well as check out and participate in some fun boffer fighting.



Here’s a Video Walkthrough of the convention. Check it out.


The biggest attraction of the day was the costume contest that brought out a slew of awesome, and sometimes incredibly cute, cosplays to marvel at. Many of the outfits showcased ranged from all sorts of comic, gaming, and anime characters. There was a bunch of categories that offered prizes for those who competed, allowing more than just a few individuals to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to making a cosplay. Hosted and judged by Florida’s own ZipperTan, attendees were treated to some great outfits that became a great accent to finish off the day at the convention.







As a whole, Creator Owned Expo was a success for its first ever year on the scene. The convention can definitely benefit from a larger space to not only allow for more panels and festivities, but also to attract more indie and mainstream artist to showcase their work. The best aspect about Creator Owned Expo was the overall feeling of a fan-driven and motivated event that provided a great experience for attendees; something needs to be done more often. It will be very interesting to see how this convention grows if it continues to be held every year. Here’s hoping for great things over the horizon.

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