Four Annoying Aspects About GameStop

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GameStop is the largest gaming retail outlet in the United States. Despite being the easiest avenue for video game shopping, it definitely isn’t perfect. Like any other business, there are aspects about GameStop that are not very popular with consumers. Even when we buy our games from GameStop all the time, there are some parts to the gaming conglomerate that just make some of us want to pull our hair out. Here is a rundown of four of the most annoying aspects that most gamers will deal with when shopping at a local GameStop. Love them or hate them, even you will admit to having come across some of these rage inducing scenarios.

Arrogant Employees

Customer service should always be at the forefront of any business, especially when involved in retail. Most big businesses have issues with customer service that are brought to light from time to time. Yet for GameStop this is a little bit special and different than what others may experience in other places. At times, you may walk into a GameStop and find someone behind the counter who instead of helping you out in choosing which title to purchase with your dollars, instead treats you to condescending and arrogant remarks. Someone who not only down-plays what you may be looking for, but possibly may also poke fun at your lack of gaming knowledge and buying options is far from ideal in a consumer-focused environment.

As unbelievable as that may sound, it actually happens more often than you might think. It gets annoying when someone who is supposed to help you with your buying does the opposite and discourages anyone from wanting to buy games at all, especially when they come off as a “know-it-all” arrogant employee. Whether or not this is because of the frequent opportunities to feel high and mighty over someone in something as basic as purchasing a video game, nobody really wants to be on the receiving end of such a scenario. It just makes us not want to buy anything at all.

Broken Demo and Bonus Stations

Ever heard of a special offer/bonus or new demo being made available at GameStop? Have you ever made the trip to the closest GameStop with high hopes, only to be disappointed once you get there, mainly because nobody has fixed the kiosk in over a year? As silly as this may sound, this is a common occurrence. It is only made worst when multiple GameStop locations within your area suffer from the same issue, making alternate options completely useless.

And while for some this may be a small issue, those who play games such as Pokémon or care for anything that has special promotions for in-game items, this can be downright annoying. Some demo stations are left unattended for months on end, even when brand new demos for new games become available and are advertised heavily in various places. It’s a real shame since this is a contributing factor to why some games don’t as much exposure as they should, especially when there is a lack of promotion for the game outside of a few select spots.

Unbalanced Pricing for Games

For the most part, GameStop does a decent job when handling the pricing of new games for consumers. But from time to time there will be an instance where buying a used game becomes downright ridiculous and will cost nearly an arm and leg. This is mostly in relation to specific titles that are older or in high demand. Games like Xenoblade Chronicles or Metroid Prime Trilogy will carry more than the cost of a newly release game, despite them being older titles. While some may argue that this is mostly due to supply and demand or rarity, where does common sense begin and stupidity end?

Most sane people will look at such a price point and simply laugh it off as a silly joke, at least until they find out the price is real. Outside of those examples, many times you may glance over the used section of a GameStop and find that games that were both older, and maybe less popular than newer fresher titles, will cost much more than anything newly released. For the die-hard collectors there are always ways to make things more affordable, but for the normal guy buying a game he missed out on at first, it can be a bit frustrating when facing such awkward pricing.

Generic Box Covers and Stickers

When you buy a used game at GameStop, sometimes it doesn’t always come with the original box art. Instead you end up with a bland gray box with nothing but a game disc inside, sometimes after paying almost as much as a new game. This can be annoying for those who look to collect games and may have missed their initial releases, and instead have to rely on the used section filled with grey boxes along the shelves. Many gamers would agree that looking at a generic GameStop gray box in your prized gaming collection just flat out looks ugly.

Yet just as annoying as the generic GameStop boxes, the pricing and tag stickers GameStop employees place on the original boxes of games are just as bad. It is very annoying when someone places the stickers on the box art paper or manuals of a game, almost guaranteeing that they will rip apart should you try to peel off the GameStop sticker from the box art. Those who actually care about the presentation of their gaming library will understand the frustration that comes from trying to peel off a price sticker that some genius put right on the edge of a box and happened to stick to the original box art paper. This is also just as annoying when some stores place stickers on the actual game discs themselves, possibly damaging the disc in the process. A damaged disc means an unplayable game, and that is the most frustrating thing of all for gamers.

This concludes my list on four annoying aspects about Gamestop. Do you agree or disagree with any points I’ve made? Do you have any other gripes about Gamestop that you feel I have forgotten to mention? Please feel free to leave your comments on the matter below.

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