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The perception of events that take place within the video game industry comes from the window that is the gaming media. Through this window we gain insight into the positive and negative, interesting and dull, light and heavy aspects of gaming; laid out for us in its plainest most objective form. The most critical part of this are the people who help gather and deliver the info about all the games we care about. From them, there are those few individuals who go above and beyond the bare minimum and excel at their craft to a point where their passion and diligence shine as a bright example for others in the field. Not simply doing what they do for the sake of getting a paycheck or increased notoriety, but to inform gamers and have them walk away with something of value. These are the individuals that become some of the most inspirational role models in video game journalism.

Note: While there are plenty of individuals within game journalism that contribute a vast amount to the field, not everyone’s favorite or preferred picks can be listed. At the same time, a list such as this is not something that is the “end all be all” of the matter, as everyone has their own views on this. Much of what was influential in choosing the five individuals on here was a combination of factors, including their knowledge of the industry, unique interpretation of gaming, and the application outside of video games. Contrary to what may be popular belief, someone who is a good role model isn’t always the loudest, brashest, or most popular around, but rather someone that transcends such categorizations. As a word of caution, this list is only an opinion not set in stone, and much more can be added upon or taken away.

Now on to the list….



Colin Moriarty

Colin Moriarty is one of the voices on Podcast Beyond and probably one of the boldest intellectual minds in video game journalism. Colin’s greatest attribute is his strong passion for topics outside of gaming, which in turn translates well and enhances his ability to articulate about video games. Being an individual of proud patriotic and moral values, the “Pride of Long Island” always brings about a new and unique perspective into various topics on gaming. At his finest points, Colin can leave listeners and readers pondering long afterwards about the reasoning and application of his opinions. The same logic and reasoning can be seen in some of his other videos outside of gaming, where the subject matter ranges on real world issues and scenarios. Yet when elaborating about gaming, Colin isn’t afraid to cut straight to the point and present a bold but truthful outlook on things.



Jeff Gerstmann

There is not one thing anyone can really say badly about Jeff Gerstmann. Being one of the premiere voices of the Bombcast, Jeff has a love for gaming that soars higher than most others. Jeff’s passion for gaming goes so high up as to have enough integrity to speak the truth and face consequences from those who would be ignorant. After being fired from GameSpot after giving a truthful review of Kane and Lynch 2, Jeff went on to write and podcast on Giant Bomb, where his views attracted many readers and listeners. Years later after the infamous “Gerstmann-Gate”, Jeff still maintained his focus on providing excellent content for readers, keeping his eye on what was most important. Later on he finally got to tell his side of the story after a merger with GameSpot and Giantbomb, yet he still kept a positive focus and professional outlook on the whole matter. Jeff Gerstmann is a prime example of being truthful to oneself and to the audience, something that is at the forefront for any form of journalism.



Adam Sessler

Arguably one of the greatest intellectual minds in all of game journalism today, Adam Sessler possesses a mind and passion for gaming that is a force to be reckoned with. The opinions and perspective on video games that Adam exhumes has resonated with many readers and gaming enthusiast for many years. One of the original host of X-Play (Extended Play back in the day), Adam Sessler’s reviews were viewed by many as a tall seal of approve or disdain when he rated a title. At the same time, Adam is credited for being one of the premiere voices to really stand against the stereotypes and preconceived notions about gaming in the public eye when others had failed. Adam’s debates with Jack Thompson as still talked about in various gaming circles. Even with the passing of G4tv an X-Play in recent times, Adam Sessler continues to captivate viewers with his witty thoughts and firm views while at the same time inspiring many others in video game journalism.



Greg Miller

If you talk about an enthusiastic personality when discussing video games, there is no other like Greg Miller. Greg is almost the counter part of his cohost Colin Moriarty on Podcast Beyond, where if Colin is the brave and bold, Greg is the heart-warming and kind. While displaying a vast knowledge of the industry, Greg Miller stands out as an individual that is constantly displaying his love for gaming in everything he says and does. Even when he is criticizing or insulting, one can’t help but become captivated by his good-willed intent and kind charm. Outside of gaming, Greg can still captivate everyone even in the simplest of subjects, mainly Oreo cookies. Yet regardless of what may be the topic of the time, there will never be a dull moment listening in on what Greg Miller has to say.



Marcus Beer

Love him or hate him, Marcus Beer always has some insight on gaming that is definitely worth listening to. Mostly known for his “Annoyed Gamer” videos and podcast “Invisible Walls”, Marcus will always have strong morals behind his straight forward and brash opinions. While most would argue that his views borderline on controversial and rage inducing, others will listen more closely and see someone who has a deep love for informing gamers of the important issues within the industry. With a background in Gaming PR, Marcus always presents an eye opening perspective on many subjects with a brash delivery that others would be more hesitant to tackle. Not afraid of coming off as hard or critical in his opinions, Marcus can at times channel the same emotions that many other gamers have in relation to some of the more popular or heavy topics of discussion in the industry.

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