LEGO Games – Why You Should Be Playing Them Right Now

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As a product, LEGOs are the most universally accepted toys on the planet. Throughout the world, kids and adults alike have taken part in the building, mixing, and matching of various blocks of LEGOs over the years. And even after hundreds of different city sets, cool looking vehicles, and funny little yellow folk; the little building blocks aren’t stopping construction any time soon. Yet in the world of video games, the LEGO series has brought plenty of fun that has gone mostly unnoticed and under-appreciated until recently. What many will find when checking out any of the LEGO titles are some of the most adaptive and malleable games around.

One of the biggest charms of the LEGO series of games is the new perspective they give when being mashed together with a popular license, such as a movie or comic. In titles like LEGO Star Wars, one of the first real popular LEGO titles of the current generation, much of the known aspects of the Star Wars universe are changed when given the LEGO treatment. While most would write this off as silliness and a tongue-in-cheek take on Star Wars, those who look deeper will see something old being given new life and fresh appeal. This is evident in all three LEGO Star Wars titles, where the nostalgia of the Star Wars story is played off by an interpretation through the eyes of LEGO. And while these kinds of games are grounded to the basics of the franchise they are based on, the creative liberties they take in the license work to their favor and within the rules of their universe, giving a new yet somewhat familiar kind of experience.Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga

On the other hand, is limited to the confines of a movie franchise is not the only option or reason why the LEGO games excel so much in quality experience. Games like LEGO Batman have also proven that blending a popular comic icon with an original LEGO fused tale can provide a great game that would be fun for anyone. While opting to use most of the iconic music and inspiration from the Batman films, both LEGO Batman games get away from using the narrative of any of the Batman movies and instead contain an original story that is light in depth but fun to play through. Yet in addition to drawing inspiration from the films, the games also dive deep into the comic mythology of Batman to bring forward more known and lesser-known characters, vehicles, and locations that would have otherwise been out of reach sticking to the movie licenses. More content in any game is always a plus and going deep and beyond an established blueprint for a license to bring even more out to the total experience is something that has always worked to the favor of the LEGO games.

Originality can go a long way when handled well in any game. LEGO is a franchise that has infinite potential for originality due to the number of toys made and the ability to turn just about anything into a “LEGO-sized” version of itself. While taking things that are known from other avenues and turning it into LEGOs is always good, there is an equal amount of fun to be had creating something within the LEGO realm. Games like LEGO Universe, LEGO Racers, LEGO Bionicle, and the soon to be released LEGO City on Wii U are all prime examples of originality within the realm of LEGOs is just as good quality wise as movie and comic licenses adaptations. Since 1891, the LEGO Company has come up with creations to add on to the various collections of toy sets that have spanned all facets of life, where most of all of these creations have been and have yet to be used in video games. This library/chasm of ideas to pull from allows for LEGO to be adapted to any genre of video game. Those who explore the diverse range of titles with the LEGO name attached will be treated to games that offer fun and different experiences each time.LegoArticle_LegoCity

Underneath the childish persona, the LEGO games are great titles that will appeal to everyone in one form or another. Whether you are a fan of heroes and villains, galaxies far far away, or of your own pure imagination; there is always something there for you within the world of LEGO. The experiences offered by any of the LEGO games are full of great content and interesting takes on things some may be familiar with from the past but will find refreshing time spent playing them. If you haven’t played any of the titles released so far, now is as good a time as any to jump in and see what they have to offer. You definitely will not be disappointed at what you find.

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