New Fire Emblem Awakening DLC: Nintendo is Doing It Right

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Fire Emblem Awakening has been released on the market for about a month and already is getting enough content to keep players busy for a long time. Outside of the main story and gameplay, a slew of new DLC packs are available for download through Nintendo Network that add even more hours to an already 20+ hour experience. At the same time an assortment of freebies give more than enough incentive to keep jumping back into the world of Fire Emblem Awakening, some that even give an extensive amount of extra playtime to the total experience. This is something that may very well be a great asset to Nintendo to Fire Emblem Awakening and other future titles that will have DLC available through Nintendo Network.

Much of the free goodies that players get for Fire Emblem Awakening open up through the use of the SpotPass feature on the Nintendo 3DS. Many of the freebies range from items that can be equipped and used on units, new units that can be recruited or challenged, and even new maps that appear weekly in the Bonus Box in-game. This is fantastic because not only will it keep players coming back again and again over time, but also gives a preview of how any of the other DLC’s will offer new content for the game. Should Nintendo continue to support the game over time with frequent new content and carry over the same approach to any of their other titles planned for release on the platform, it would make a lot of 3DS owners very happy.


Speaking of DLC, Fire Emblem has a ton of additional content and packs that is available over Nintendo Network right now. Each episode of DLC offered can be bought together in groups for one price in the different packs offered. Completing any of the DLC maps yields a different reward that can be used. Check out the following list of all the DLC out for the game.


Lost Bloodlines Pack (For all Episodes listed below)- $6.00

Lost Bloodlines Episode 1 & 2 – $3.00 each


Golden Pack (For all listed below)- $6.00

Infinite Regalia – $2.50

EXPonential Growth – $2.50

The Golden Gaffe – $2.50


Champions of Yore Pack (For all episodes below)- $6.00

Champions of Yore Episode 1, 2, and 3 – $2.50 each



There is a hefty amount of free content that is offered through SpotPass for Fire Emblem Awakening outside of the paid DLC. Many of the goodies add a significant amount to anyone’s experience playing the game. Check out all the freebies you can download right now, as well as some new ones coming very soon, by enabling SpotPass on your 3DS.


-Bonus Teams

Fire Emblem

The Sacred Stone

Path of Radience

Radiant Dawn

Shadow Dragon



-Bonus Items





-Bonus Maps

The Dead King’s Lament

Irreconcilable Paths

A Hard Miracle

Ghost of Blade

The Wellspring of Trust (Coming April 11th)

The Radiant Hero (Coming April 25th)


-Bonus Challengers

Virion’s Archest

Lon’qu’s Blades

Stahl’s Horsemen

Vaike’s Vicory

Ricken’s Chosen

Henry’s Spellslingers



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