Ten Characters that Could Be in the Next Super Smash Bros

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The next Super Smash Bros game is over the horizon for Nintendo fans who own a Wii U and 3DS system. Things are a little bit different this time since Nintendo is co-developing the game with Namco Bandai in hopes of bringing a fresh new experience to fans of the series. Yet a hot topic of debate is the cast of characters that will make it into Masahiro Sakurai’s next installment into the Nintendo brawler. While many gamers may have tons of dream matches they would love to see, reality may have a different outcome on things for Nintendo’s all-star brawler. Check out our list of ten characters that have a shot at making the cut into the next Super Smash Bros game for Wii U and 3DS.

Now before we jump into the list of all-stars, let’s clear a few things up before the flames burn bright in the comments section. None of the characters on this list have been officially confirmed by Nintendo or Masahiro Sakurai to be in the next Super Smash Bros game. Everything on this list is solely based on opinion and interpretation of facts about past entries in the series and other Nintendo games. While some characters may not be featured on the list, that does not mean they may never make it into the actual game.

There are also a few bits of criteria that were used to decide all of the characters that make it on this list. This is to keep things in order and make sense of which characters actually have a strong chance of being playable in the game. First off, this is a Nintendo game. Characters that haven’t been on a Nintendo platform at least once will not show up on this list (sorry Square Enix fans). In addition, only video game characters were considered, even though cross-overs through media would be incredibly awesome. And finally, characters that have already been in past games won’t show up on here since more than likely they will appear again, even though some characters from Brawl may be taken out in favor of new faces.

Alright, now that THAT is out of the way, on to the list….




Chrom – Fire Emblem Awakening

With the success of Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS, Chrom seems to be an ideal character to make it into the next game. Since a new character from the Fire Emblem franchise has appeared in both Melee and Brawl, the following entry should follow suit by having Chrom representing Fire Emblem in the next Super Smash Bros. As a character, Chrom can sport many of the moves he used in the cutscenes and battles seen in Awakening on 3DS, while also having a few new tricks to add to the mix. It would be a shame if Chrom didn’t make the cut after having one of the best games released on 3DS.



Travis Touchdown – No More Heroes

While a super violent and mature rated series of games, No More Heroes has always been a cult hit exclusive to the original Nintendo Wii. And while the original game was ported to the PlayStation 3, with subpar results, the series’ creator Suda 51 has always had a strong loyalty to Nintendo consoles with No More Heroes. In the past, Suda 51 has stated that a newer entry into the saga will only happen when the next Nintendo console was released. With the Wii U out now, as well as hints and rumblings about No More Heroes 3, this presents a golden opportunity to showcase another exclusive third party character that will appear on a Nintendo platform. As a character, Travis Touchdown sports a personality and fighting style that is vastly different from most of the cast in all of the Smash Bros games. Armed with a beam katana and the ability to transform into a wild tiger, Travis can make a great addition to the overall roster of Nintendo all-stars. Even though aspects of his personality may have to be toned down for a game like Smash Bros, such as the excessive cursing, he can still appear as a tough guy that can go toe-to-toe with the best that Smash Bros has to offer.



Pac-Man – Pac-Man/Pac-Man World

Arguably one of the most iconic and influential video game characters ever, it is very possible that Pac-Man will enter the fray now that Namco Bandai is co-developing the next Smash Bros. In the past, Pac-Man and Mario have gone head-to-head in a Mario Kart arcade racing game called Mario Kart Arcade GP. And while the two conglomerate mascots have faced each other before, they have never outright duked it out. Much like the effect of having Sonic the Hedgehog in Brawl and fighting Mario was a heavy moment for many gamers who grew up in the SNES/Genesis days, Pac-Man can bring an equally awesome rivalry with Mario to the forefront of the next Smash Bros game. In battle, Pac-Man could possibly use many of the abilities he used in the Pac-Man World titles, while having his famous Power Pellet Eating ability as a finishing move or Final Smash. Having a Pac-Man and Mario rivalry can also be the driving force of the marketing for the game, as well as a strong visual testament to the co-development between Namco Bandai and Nintendo.



Little Mac – Punch Out

Punch Out had a lot of success being released on the original Nintendo Wii. Outside of being a very fun and easy game to play and get engrossed in, it also catered to lot of nostalgic memories of the original Punch Out and Super Punch Out. Little Mac was also included as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros Brawl, helping out players by knocking opponents off the stage with his flurry of punches. For such a classic character who has had a lot of recent success, Little Mac needs to be a new playable character in the next Super Smash Bros. As a fighter, Little Mac could not only use his standard jabs and hooks made famous from Punch Out, but possibly use attacks influenced from his many different opponents from the recent Punch Out on Wii. The result would be a classic Nintendo character getting his well-deserved respect and recognition for being a fan favorite in gaming for many years.



Waluigi – Mario Party

While there have been plenty of Mario characters on the Smash Bros roster, the group has always felt a bit incomplete since Melee. This isn’t due to the absence of characters from the Mario universe, such as Baby Bowser, Toad, or Daisy; but from the lack of balance in selecting the characters from those games. Waluigi, the polar opposite of Mario’s borther Luigi, is a character that could bring a level of symmetry to the roster for the characters from the Mario series. This presents an opportunity to have team match-ups where Mario and Luigi can face their evil counterparts Wario and Waluigi in competition that isn’t limited to sports or gimmicky board games. Even though Waluigi appears as an assist trophy in Brawl, including him as a playable character will have a much more meaningful and positive influence on the next Super Smash Bros game. In combat, Waluigi can take influence from many of his abilities and moves from all of the Mario spin-off games he appeared in, including Mario Tennis and Mario Golf.



Krystal – Star Fox Adventures

There is a heavy abundance of Star Fox characters in the Smash Bros games already, but not without a lack of interesting variety among them. The gameplay style for each character from the Star Fox universe has been very similar, almost clone-like to Fox himself in both Melee and Brawl. With Krystal however, things can be changed for the better and answer a request many Nintendo fans have had for a long time. Having missed the chance to include her in Brawl despite her overwhelming popularity, Nintendo can remedy this by including Krystal as a fighter and replacing both Fox and Falco on the roster. Utilizing moves involving her staff and other abilities from Star Fox Adventures, Krystal can contribute more to the roster as another strong female playable character in the next Super Smash Bros game.



Zoroark – Pokemon Black and White

The Pokemon series has had the strongest presence in all of the Super Smash Bros games. This is mainly due to the variety of different characters that the series contains, despite all of them being categorized as Pokemon. In the case of the most recent generation of the franchise, Zoroark is the most popular amongst Pokemon fans after having appeared in the Pokemon movie “Master of Illusions” and being a coveted find in Black and White. While some may argue that another generation of Pokemon Trainer may be a better choice to showcase some of the best elements of their game, having Zoroark as an addition could be to the same effect as when Lucario and Pokemon Trainer were both in Brawl. Many of Zoroark’s attacks from the games and movie could come into play for his move’s list, making for one strong and interesting character to play in the next Super Smash Bros game.



Lady Palutena – Kid Icarus Uprising

Kid Icarus has only recently made resurgence in the minds of gamers with the latest entry of the series on 3DS, Kid Icarus Uprising. After having Pit in Brawl, adding another character from the series can capitalize on having another new entry from one of Nintendo’s past IPs. While some may believe that having Magnus playable in Smash Bros would be ideal, Lady Palutena can instead provide better variety in gameplay and personality amongst the roster outside of being another female character to play as. Taking inspiration from her abilities shown in both Kid Icarus Uprising and the Kid Icarus anime associated with it, Lady Palutena can have a playstyle that feels similar yet different to that of Zelda or Princess Peach. Having some of Lady Palutena more goddess-like abilities as her potential Final Smash could make for some great visuals and devastating attacks.



Mega Man – Mega Man Series

Mega Man is a character that hasn’t been getting much love in recent years. While his fan base has continued to be supportive and clamor for more from the Blue Bomber, Capcom has been less than stellar in bringing Mega Man into the spotlight. Back in the day however, Mega Man had a very strong presence on the NES and SNES with all of the games released on those platforms. While there are a bunch of iterations of Mega Man that would be a welcome addition to the Smash Bros games, the original NES Mega Man would be the best suited to join the fray. There is almost unlimited potential in creating attacks and moves that Namco Bandai and Nintendo can have a lot of fun with when designing his character. While Masahiro Sakurai did confirm that a Capcom character will make it into the next game, it is still a possibility that another Capcom character like Ryu from the Street Fighter series may steal this opportunity away from the Blue Bomber. But if the classic Mega Man games being available on the Virtual Console is any glimmer of hope for fans, we may just get our chance to see Mega Man enter the Super Smash Bros roster.



Rayman – Rayman Series

Ubisoft has shown strong support for the Wii U since its launch with games like Zombi U. And while their mascot title Rayman Legends has been delayed and no longer a Wii U exclusive, that doesn’t mean that Rayman can’t appear in the next Super Smash Bros game. A whimsical and comical character at heart, Rayman would make a great addition to the roster being a character with different abilities from the rest of the cast. Rayman’s abilities from his past titles could work well when translated into Super Smash Bros, including his ability to helicopter hover and throw his fist for attacks. . Unlike most of the limbed characters that populate the Smash Bros roster, Rayman can somehow utilize his floating appendages in interesting ways to either avoid attacks or deliver them to enemies. While his appearance wouldn’t be in the style of Rayman Legends, he could look very similar to how he appeared in any of the Raving Rabbids games that were on the Wii. To go even further, his Final Smash could implement the Raving Rabbids in some fashion where they joint attack enemies on screen, making for some crazy albeit funny situations during a match.

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