4 Final Fantasy Remakes We Want On The PS Vita

4 Final Fantasy titles that deserve the portable treatment

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The Final Fantasy series contains a number of games that many consider to be classics in the RPG genre. With a combination of memorable characters, interesting plots, and ever-changing gameplay mechanics, most gamers will stay glued to their controllers to experience more than 40+ hours of great content. With the recent release of Final Fantasy X HD Remaster for the PlayStation Vita, some gamers want to see other titles of the classic series make a return on Sony’s portable.

No matter where your fandom may lie with the series, nobody would turn down a chance to replay through the great stories and experiences the franchise has to offer in high definition. Here is a rundown of five titles from the Final Fantasy series that we would love to receive an HD Remaster and released on PlayStation Vita.


Final Fantasy XII

Fans are very polarized on Final Fantasy XII. While some lament over the story and MMO-like mechanics that were reminiscent of the game’s MMO predecessor, others have a love for what is arguably one of the most popular RPG games on the PlayStation 2. Unlike the pseudo-futuristic approach in Final Fantasy X, this game took the story and plot into a more classic/medieval-like setting with the land of Ivalice and the war of between Archadia and Rozarria.

Not only would this game look beautiful on PS Vita with cleaned up HD visuals, but also feel right at home with Vita’s controls and can even benefit from having some features using the Vita’s touch screen capabilities. Looting from monsters can be an absolute blast on the go. If there was any other title in the series that could benefit from an HD rerelease, aside from the obvious choices, this game should definitely be the next one in line.

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Final Fantasy IX

Of the three main Final Fantasy games released on the PlayStation 1, Final Fantasy IX raised the bar and pushed the system even further than what had been done in previous titles. Unlike the widely popular Final Fantasy VII, this was the game that sported even more detailed character models and provided a great story to become immersed into. The battle system stayed in a more traditional approach that was present in pre-PlayStation era titles, making it more unique than its predecessors on the first PlayStation.

Not only would this game benefit from remodeled characters/environments in stunning HD, but features from the original game could be enhanced with the Vita touchscreen, including but not limited to Mognet and key puzzles in game. The Tetra Master mini-game could be further expanded upon by allowing players to play each other online over PSN, as well as use the Vita touchscreen to initiate controls.


Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V is one of the few titles in the franchise to never have a North American release back when the game was fresh on the SNES. This game sported a 2D style similar to the other NES and SNES games in the series, but differentiated itself from them with an enhanced job-based battle system first established in Final Fantasy III. While still using an active battle system for combat, the Job System allowed characters to take on a variety of roles in combat, each with different abilities and attacks that evolved as the game went on.

Instead of cleaning up the 2D sprites from the original game, much like in the rerelease on Gameboy Advanced, remaking the game with 3D models similar to the Final Fantasy IV remake would be ideal, but with more polish and flair. There isn’t much that Final Fantasy V could benefit from Vita’s touchscreen or back touchpad outside of selecting commands, but much of the effort would better be spent on presentation. Having orchestral audio tracks would revive classical themes for a newer generation, providing a grander experience for a once lost game in the series.

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Final Fantasy VII

Many consider Final Fantasy VII to be the best in the series and the most popular RPG of all time. Whether this is due to gamers jumping into the franchise for the first time on PlayStation 1 or being the first game in the series to use 3D models instead of 2D sprites, the popularity of Final Fantasy VII is undeniable. It is the one of the few games in the entire Final Fantasy franchise to spawn a bunch of sequels and spin-offs set in the same world, including a CG movie called Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The most demanded approach to remaking this game would be to make the visuals similar to that of Advent Children or the PlayStation 3 demo from E3 2006, but a remake can go beyond just doing that.

Maintaining the essence of what makes such a game classic is key to any remake, but addressing minor issues and solving problems from the original release is what can make a rerelease special. Remixing the music would enhance an already beloved experience, but simplifying some actions through the Vita’s controls can make everything all the more better.

Many FF7 faithful would want to keep many of the key gameplay mechanics intact, rightfully so, but they could also be made easier without compromising what made them good in the first place. Much like in Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, having an option to heal the party or equip/unequip weapons and material without going through menus can help save time with just a flick of the touchscreen. Yet regardless of what changes one could think of for such a game, Final Fantasy VII is probably the most requested game in the series to receive an HD rerelease.


Honorable Mention – Dissidia Final Fantasy

While this game is not one of the main games in the franchise, Dissidia Final Fantasy is a game that brings everything good about the series into one place. Consisting of characters from just about every title released and putting them into an action/RPG hybrid story-based arena fighter, Dissidia Final Fantasy is a title that would greatly benefit from being on PlayStation Vita. Originally on the PSP, Dissidia and the sequel Dissidia Duodecim provided the polish and flair fans know and love from the franchise, and presented it in a unique fashion.

On PlayStation Vita, the visuals and audio could receive a major overhaul, providing a beautiful looking and sounding experience to Vita owners. While the core combat would essentially be the same, the ability to go online and fight other players over PSN through Wi-Fi could greatly increase the replay value of Dissidia, as this would enhance other aspects of the game such as Ghost Card Battles and Item/Equipment Drops. Dissida Final Fantasy is a one of the best kinds of fan-service for anyone who loves Final Fantasy, having such a game on Vita would be a great asset to the handheld and to fans of the series.

Which Final Fantasy games would you like to see on PlayStation Vita?

This concludes our list on 4 Final Fantasy remakes we want on the PS Vita. Please leave a comment below and tell us which of your favorites is best suited to be remade. And don’t forget to check out our review of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and see if we loved the game on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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