A Castlevania Overview – Part 3

Our final look at what's next for the Castlevania series

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After the releases of both Super Castlevania 4 and Symphony of the Night, the Castlevania series began to take many of the twists and turns that have plagued the series as a whole up to now. Constant attempts to recapture the magic that Symphony of the Night had when released on the first PlayStation caused a rinse/repeat/recycle loop of titles that did not elevate the series pass it’s previous achievements. This lead to the release of many games using the same Metroid-Vania formula with convoluted narratives, as well as half-hearten attempts to bring the series into the third dimension. Castlevania was a series that was lost in itself, struggling to find a new hit entry into the franchise and a new identity.

In order to further dive into the series of modern Castlevania titles, I sat down with DualShockers own Tony Polanco to discuss everything about the series. The two of us not only talked heavily about why we loved the series as fans, but also got into detailed talk about our opinions on the most recent entry into the franchise, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

Here are some links for everyone to check out and dive further into all the topics we talked about, including my review of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. To get a different perspective about the game, check out Tony’s review of Lords of Shadow 2 over on the DualShockers website.

Just incase you missed out on the previous Castlevania Overviews, feel free to check out both Part 1 and also Part 2 for all the talk about Castlevania and the games that defined the series. Feel free to leave some comments and feedback on all of the content and reviews here on The Koalition.

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