Chibi-Pa 2014: Against Unfavorable Odds

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Chibi-Pa is one of those conventions that gives its attendees plenty of value on the convention floor, but even more value in the total experience outside of the floor. As a convention known for its after hour events and parties, plenty of fun awaits all of those who go to Chibi-Pa. This year was a little bit different than previous years due to a variety of factors, some of which did not play in the convention’s favor. Yet despite the less than stellar build up and stacked odds, the staff and festivities of Chibi-Pa held things together well and put on a great show for attendees.

This years convention was held in a new location, the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port Hotel, which allowed for everything to be spread out across a new hotel. Everything was in close enough proximity for attendees and didn’t feel too spread thin. The Dealers Room had plenty of vendors to browse through and many cool collectibles to purchase. One of the many great things this year was the placement of the Artist Alley; before the Dealers Room. This is worth noting, as attendees could walk through and see all of the different artist tables before any vendors at the convention. A number of other conventions keep both the Dealers Room and Artist Alley separated from each other, which limits the amount of people who get to see the work of artist with tables.


The special guests for this years convention were English voice actors from the Tenchi Muyo series Matt K. Miller and Petrea Burchard, as well as Durarara English voice actor Darrel Guilbeau. Other guests included the band SS Hanami, Rhythm Bastard, comedian Aaron Pabon, and team of the fan-film The Akira Project. It was a diverse group of guests, all of whom hosted different panels throughout the weekend for attendees to check out. Some of the shows where bands played were pretty nice, but could have been missed out on due to the lack of signs directing attendees to the main events area. It’s a very small change, but one that would have helped, as the main events room was on the opposite side of the hotel away from everything else.

After hours entertainment is where Chibi-Pa really shines. Not only were there an abundance of late night mature panels, Hentai show, and dances/raves; but also the party floor section of the hotel. For those who have never been to Chibi-Pa before, the convention holds one floor of the hotel for guests staying the weekend dubbed the “Hospitality Floor”, or party floor for short. On this floor, attendees who are staying the weekend can have in-room parties and gathering for the entirety of the weekend as long and as loud as they like. When the fun on the convention floor comes to an end, the party can keep on going on the party floor for everyone who wants to really bring out the best of their weekend at the convention. Although things can get a bit crazy at times, the convention and the hotel staff were still able to keep things under control, allowing everyone to have a ton of fun.


Despite the deck being stacked up due to other events held a week prior, Chibi-Pa still managed to host a fun and engaging weekend for con-goers. Not only did the weekend live up to the reputation of past conventions hosted by the staff, but it also introduced a few neat ideas that could be implemented into future Chibi-Pa events that would make for some positive results. It would definitely be better for the convention to be hosted in a much bigger venue in order to attract more people, but the large turnout this year was still good. Hopefully next year there will be less clashing factors outside of the control of the Chibi-Pa staff, so that more focus and energy can go into enhancing the already great convention experience for attendees.

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