Mizucon 2014 Recap: Chill and Fun

My official recap on Mizucon 2014

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Mizucon 2014 was held at the Miami Airport Convention Center, a big change from the hotel location of last year. Not only did this help create a more fun convention for attendees, but also allowed the convention to showcase more of the its better aspects. Some of which was lost in the previous year due to unforseen events, but this year was a turnaround for Mizucon and allowed for a better overall convention weekend. While there were still little issues that always can be ironed out in subsequent years down the line, Mizucon 2014 was a good weekend for attendees looking to get their anime and otaku fix.

The better attraction that provided the most entertainment for the weekend was the stage show provided by the one and only 3000 Brigade. Having been absent from Mizucon for quite some time, missing out the recent years, the show they put on was a great comeback that provided lots of laughs and fun moments. The Brigade pulled references from a variety of video games and pop-culture shows and movies as a means for parody for the characters they portrayed on stage. Taking a Game of Thrones style, the audience enjoyed what they saw on stage and got the adrenaline shot they wanted during a weekend that was more mellow than Mizucon’s of the past.


Mellow is an interesting word to describe Mizucon 2014. While there were various guests from different anime shows that fans appreciated, there wasn’t a whole lot of “loud noise” throughout the weekend. Much of the traffic from attendees were in the open room of the MACC, where tables and music provided a good atmosphere for con-goers. It was also the perfect place for people to get together and play games like Super Smash Bros for 3DS, which launched that same weekend. Those looking for a more console like experience had a game room to stop by and play a variety of console games and participate in tournaments. It was a good vibe throughout, albeit calmer than other conventions of recent.


The Dealers Room always had a high volume of people each day. Whether buying collectibles or just window shopping, there was plenty of vendors displaying some cool stuff. Those who wanted cosplay props, statues, toys or anything of the sort could find what they wanted there. Before their show the 3000 Brigade had their booth, and in typical fashion had some fun with it. There was also a presence from other conventions looking to inform attendees about their events later in the year, it was a good display of camaraderie between conventions taking place in South Florida.


Mizucon is still getting better each year despite any stumbles that has come their way. A good sign of growth for a convention is the ability to deal with small issues without much fuss or concern about it. And despite a few snags here and there, the staff of Mizucon were able to keep things afloat and host a successful convention for the weekend. Attendees had fun and enjoyed themselves throughout the con, which is a huge win over the previous year that was plagued by many concerns. Things are looking up pretty well now however. Whatever new things come for Mizucon in the next year will be very interesting, and hopefully, very fun.

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