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Heavy artillery in a fun world of tanks...

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There are very few games in the 3DS and Wii U library that have dual releases for both platforms. Brave Tank Hero is a new tank combat game that is developed by Arc System Works and being published by Natsume Games for both Nintendo platforms. Players take control of their choice of tank class and complete a series of missions on various battlefields using their radar and heavy artillery against enemies. While at E3 2015, I had the chance to check out the game and see if this new tank combat title had anything good to offer to gamers with a 3DS or Wii U.

I first played a demo for Brave Tank Hero on Nintendo 3DS before checking out the Wii U counterpart of the game. The overall aesthetic of the game is stylized in a bright and cartoon-like world filled with fun explosions and tanks. As I expected, the controls are geared towards manipulating a tank on the battlefield on both systems, but with a few minor differences to simplify the experience.

The analogue stick moves your tank around the battlefield and the shoulder buttons turn the turret on top. Depending on your settings in the game, you can change this to have a lock-on feature that automatically targets nearby enemies as you move around the battlefield. It was easier to play the game with the auto-targeting switched on, but I felt I had more freedom with my shots when I disabled the auto-targeting.


Before starting up a mission, you have a choice of three classes of tank to take control in battle. The classes that are available are Light, Heavy, and Attack class tanks that each has its own stats and capabilities in combat. You cannot customize any parts of the tanks you control, but you can upgrade their stats as you complete missions in the game, which can turn heavy slow tanks into all-powerful machines.

I would have liked a customization feature similar to Natsume’s Gotcha Racing, which was also previewed by me at E3 2015. Playing the demo of the game knowing this felt like there was a missed opportunity here, especially since there are no multiplayer features on Nintendo 3DS. There is a VS mode on the Wii U version of the game, but this is very basic and meager compared to what could be.


The single player content consists of story based missions that tell the events of the invasion of Paradise City. When you complete missions in the story mode, you then have the ability to revisit them in Free-Play Mission mode. You receive a rating for each mission you replay in Free-Play mode, which help power up your tanks as you gain better rankings. Unfortunately there were no other rewards from what I played in the E3 demo on both versions of the game.

Again this felt like a missed opportunity since there wasn’t any sort of tank customization to reward players for playing missions over and over again. On the 3DS, this is even more apparent because of the lack of any multiplayer mode to compete with friends locally with powered up tanks. Even giving any kind of co-op style mode of play would be a welcomed edition to make me continue revisiting missions many times over.


The demo I played for Brave Tank Hero showed me an interesting concept for a game that I felt was missing a few key features. I wanted to have the ability to play against friends locally on the go with 3DS version. The Wii U version of Brave Tank Hero had multiplayer that was limited to local split screen play, which sounds like it would be a bit fun for a short time. As much as I tried to look pass it, I could not stop thinking about wanting a co-op mode for the Free-Play missions.

I’m still interested in checking out the final version of Brave Tank Hero despite my concerns on what was shown at E3 2015. Nintendo 3DS and Wii U owners will be able to check out Brave Tank Hero when the game is released for both platforms in Summer 2015.


Does tank combat on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U sound like a lot of fun? Interested in checking out Brave Tank Hero on a specific platform when it releases? Leave us a comment in the comment section below and let your voice be heard!!!

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