Cloud Strife is in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS

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In the newest Nintendo Direct for Winter 2015, Nintendo had a bunch of huge annoucnements for fans. The biggest most earth-shattering one was the announcement of a new fighter for Super Smash Bros on Wii U and 3DS. The hero of Final Fantasy VII himself, Cloud Strife.

In addition to Cloud joining the roster, he will also come along with a special stage based on Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar. The stage has appearances from the various materia summons from Final Fantasy VII, which manipulate the stage in a variety of ways. So far the confirmed summons that appear are Ramuh, Ifirit, Odin, and Leviathan.

Both Cloud and the Midgar stage will be offered as a bundle much like Ryu and his Street Fighter 2 stage were before. No release date has yet been given on when we can all purchase Cloud for our 3DS and Wii U.

You can watch the announcement trailer above to see Cloud and his arsenal of moves in motion. Here are some screenshots form the Nintendo Direct presentation of Cloud in action too!

CloudForSmash_Pic04 CloudForSmash_Pic01 CloudForSmash_Pic02

And here are some shots of the new Midgar stage that Cloud will be coming out with. It has some references to summons and other nods to Final Fantasy VII. Notice the Shinra building in the background and other neat easter eggs.

CloudForSmash_Pic07 CloudForSmash_Pic03 CloudForSmash_Pic08 CloudForSmash_Pic09

The Official Super Smash Bros website from Nintendo has since been updated to show details about Cloud for the game. Check out the image of the website below!


Are you excited that Cloud is in Super Smash Bros? Wanted to see another fighter make it into the game? Leave us a comment down below and let us know how you feel!

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