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A pack of wolves has arrived...

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Fans of Destiny have a lot to be excited about with Bungie and Activision’s second DLC release, House of Wolves. New story missions, powerful equipment, and a new area to explore are only a fraction of new additions to the game. Hardcore players that have grinded extensively through the game’s previous content now have more opportunities to boost all of their characters beyond previous level caps. While the new content does little to offer newer players a way to dive head first into the full Destiny experience, those who have already taken the leap will be pleased with everything this DLC has to offer.

House of Wolves does what it can to expand Destiny’s main storyline, but only provides a few small references to events from previous story missions. Guardians will find themselves taking on the tough enemies from the House of Wolves: a clan of baddies that are in open conflict with the Reef Queen.

Most of the time, missions will center on chasing powerful figures within the House of Wolves across three of Destiny’s planets. There isn’t a lot of inclusion of the Tower factions in the story, which all seem very distant as you explore every part of the House of Wolves content. Completing the story missions doesn’t take very long, but at the same time it doesn’t feel like it makes the previous storylines complete. There just isn’t a sense of everything coming around full circle, and not playing through this DLC’s storyline won’t have you missing anything incredibly important.


Unlike previous kinds of Fallen enemies that you may have encountered before, House of Wolves has enemies that are tougher, faster, and smarter. Like their name suggest, minions from the House of Wolves are not afraid to fight in large groups and overwhelm you at every opportunity. Some tough enemies now appear cloaked and with extended health bars, making them formidable foes as they continuously attack you. The new boss battles however are not all that tough, even with modifiers at higher levels. By themselves, bosses can be destroyed with careful planning; their challenge however comes from the large groups of enemies that accompany them when firefights begin.

There is a whole new hub area to explore in the Reef. The Queen’s outpost has a whole bunch of new bounties and challenges to complete that will help net in some powerful weapons and items. Unlike the Tower however, the outpost is much smaller in size, with every important person within close proximity of each other. You can gain favor from the Reef Queen by completing bounties that focus on hunting down the House of Wolves, where most of the DLC’s story based content can be found. But there are two other sections that will help anyone obtain insanely powerful weapons and armor by completing super tough challenges.


The House of Judgement has players going through the Prison of Elders area located in the Reef. This “horde-like” mode has a small group of players facing five rounds of challenges, each comprising of three waves of enemies, which get tougher as you play.

The Prison of Elders is one of the best spots to obtain legendary or exotic items and materials to help boost a character beyond level 30. The enemies here are challenging and require a lot of communication between players, especially when the mode’s various modifiers begin to change up the rules of engagement.

Depending on what level you tackle within the Prison of Elders, it won’t take you a very long time to complete it and obtain its hidden rewards. Hardcore players will find themselves repeatedly playing through Prison of Elders to get everything they need to ascend and equipped powerful armor and weapons up to the new level cap of 34.


House of Wolves is like the extra frosting on top of the expansive end-game experience players will find in Destiny. Newer players will definitely not be able to appreciate all of the new content, as this DLC caters heavily to those that have already put in a lot of time. If you’ve had Destiny in your console since release, chances are you have the season pass to jump into the new content from the start.

Unfortunately, this feels like content that remains exclusive even after purchasing it, mainly because of the minimum level requirement of 26 to actually play through it all. If you’re a new player interested in the full Destiny experience, then you may want to hold your purchase until the inevitable “Complete Edition” of the game releases before seeing what this DLC has to offer you.

These impressions were based on a digital copy of Destiny: House of Wolves for PlayStation 4 provided by Activision.

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