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The Taken King revealed...

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It wasn’t too long ago that a little birdy began spreading news around about the next expansion for Bungie’s Destiny on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now things seem to have leaked out in full right about a full week before E3 2015. According to a marketing sheet sent by a source to Kotaku, details about The Taken King will be both meaty and pricy for Destiny players.

The newest downloadable content for Destiny is listed to be released on September 15th and priced at $40. The price seems a bit unbelievable, but the other details about the expansion are noteworthy. New subclasses will be added to each of the three main classes in Destiny, as well as a new elemental Super abilities for each class. The subclasses are an Electrical Storm for the Warlock class, Gravity Bow for the Hunter class, and Flaming Hammer for the Titan class.

There will also be new Strike Missions and Playlists, new multiplayer maps for the Crucible, and a new raid where players will fight against a being known as Oryx, the father of Crota. Those who have played through The Dark Below expansion will remember Crota from the raid that was included then. Oryx has control over a new group of enemies called The Taken, whose he uses for his goal of taking revenge on those who killed his son Crota.


A lot of this seems very interesting, but hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Bungie as of yet. We can probably expect more tweaks and additions to previous add-ons of Destiny by the time The Taken King is released, both in PvE and PvP gameplay. Maybe they’ll add more ways to obtain the elusive Etheric Light that many players need to upgrade their many legendary armor pieces and weapons.

We’ll update with more info as it becomes available. Hopefully more is officially unveiled about The Taken King expansion by Bungie at E3 2015.

Source at Kotaku


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