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The Star Wars universe is coming to the next Disney Infinity expansion. Much like the Marvel universe was in the previous expansion, Disney Infinity 3.0 brings new settings and characters from the world of Star Wars and lets you play with it all any way you want. My hands on preview with the game at E3 2015 from Disney Interactive gave me insight into how the heroes and villains I’ve grown up with over the years would translate into the toy box setting. The Star Wars fan within me became giddy as I had flashes to a time where my action figures were all that was on my mind.


The demo I played was a level set on Endor in the Toy Box mode of the Rise of the Empire set for Disney Infinity 3.0. For those that don’t know, the Toy Box allows you to scan your figures from the Disney Infinity set and have them appear in the game in any one given setting. For my demo I scanned the PlayStation 4 timed exclusive Boba Fett figure and was able to roam around Endor completing various missions. This wasn’t any sort of story related content so various characters from all over the original trilogy were roaming around on Endor together. I was able to find Lando Calrissian (in his Cloud City garbs) and take on a mission involving stealing a speeder bike from Imperial forces across the level.

The controls of the game are exactly like the previous editions and just as solid as ever. I did have a bit of sluggish movement when riding on a speeder bike during one of my missions, but this may have been to the poor handling when traveling at top speeds. Playing as Boba Fett gave me access to a blaster rifle and rockets that I could attack enemies with, which also came in handy when facing a large group.

I would have liked to be able to hover with Boba Fett’s jetpack around the level but I was only able to dash forward a bit with it. Since this was a preview build I hope that the flying that was in Disney Infinity 2.0 with the Marvel characters can make its way into 3.0 with characters that have jetpacks or other means of flight.


The whole area of Endor was populated with trees, platforms to traverse, and a bunch of different characters. Besides Lando giving missions to complete for credits, I could also find Ewoks and other Star Wars heroes and villains to accomplish tasks for. While in the Toy Box, there really isn’t a set scenario to divide the good and bad sides of the Star Wars story, it’s really just about playing for fun and exploring anything you want in the level.

You can change characters on the fly by switching out the different Disney Infinity 3.0 figures, as well as any figures you may own from edition 2.0. The Star Wars characters that are from the prequel side of the Star Wars universe can also be used within the original trilogy themed levels, and visa versa for added enjoyment.


One of the questions I asked the Disney Interactive representative showing me the demo wass if there would be any sort of Star Wars Legends content within the game. I was told that most of the content for Disney Infinity 3.0 would focus on the newly established Star Wars cannon mandated by Disney, as well as the inevitable inclusion of Episode VII: The Force Awakens content as downloadable content when the movie finally releases in December 2015.

This means fans of stories like Shadows of the Empire or any of the comics and novels may feel a bit disappointed, but there is a ton of content from the cannon that will keep even the most hardcore of fans happy. No details were revealed to me about what the Episode VII content may include, but it’s safe to bet that we’ll see a level based on any planets or characters that are already made public about the movie.


Disney Infinity 3.0 is more of what you loved about the previous editions of the game. The new figures looked great in person and will definitely cause collectors to go rampant finding them all. There were very few complaints that I had about the demo I played other than the desire to fly around the level with characters that have flight abilities. The combat and platforming was solid much like the previous games and had plenty of areas within the level to explore.

I really liked what I played from the E3 demo and definitely look forward to seeing what other surprises this toy box will reveal. The force will be strong with this one when Disney Infinity 3.0 releases in Fall 2015.


Will you be purchasing the new Disney Infinity Playset? Got a favorite Star Wars character you want to have as a figure? Leave us a comment below and let your voice be heard!

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