The Five Greatest Special Moves in Video Games

Five spectacular special moves that are simply awesome

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Special moves are simply awesome. You know you love them as much as anyone else. Those signature actions, attacks, and movements that not only embody the essence of a particular character, but the emotions they bring out each time you see them. They get you excited, hyped for the outcomes that follow in their wake. The flashy lights, energy fields, the destruction laid-upon the ground or the smoke that fills the air, everyone that has played a video game has their favorite special moves.

Yet what are some of the best, most popular special moves in all of video games? What makes them feel so good to see or do to someone? Here is a list of the absolute best special moves ever made in video games. And while this is only a small opinionated list pulling from well of punches, kicks, magic, and abilities from all over, anyone would love to have any of these in their arsenal. Get ready for a rundown of sheer power, cunning finesse, and pure awesomeness.

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#5 – The ShoryukenStreet Fighter

Made famous by Ryu from the Street Fighter series by screaming out “Shor-yu-ken!” as you execute the move, this attack has KOed many opponents throughout the years. Not only does Ryu’s “Dragon Uppercut” pack quite a punch, but it delivers a psychological message to an opponent about who is in control.

While most people may find themselves gravitating to Ryu’s other special move, the Hadoken fireball, the Shoryuken delivers a much more impactful effect when used right on an opponent. There is no better pleasure when playing a game like Street Fighter with your friend and watching them struggle against an onslaught of fireballs, only to finally fall victim to a well-timed Shoryuken as they jump towards you. You must defeat this Dragon Punch to stand any sort of chance.


#4 – The Spin DashSonic the Hedgehog

Do you have a need for incredibly fast speed, one that doesn’t come from behind the wheel of a car? Then you probably love the Spin-Dash from the Sonic series. First appearing in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the SEGA Genesis, the Spin-Dash is a move that will get you moving fast again in the blink of an eye.

Sonic tucks on the ground and begins spinning super-fast, like a car hitting the gas and holding the break, before launching as high speeds in one direction. The move became a staple for the entirety of the series as a great tool for getting around tough obstacles that required Sonic to be at blazing speeds. There is no faster being than Sonic the Hedgehog, and with the Spin-Dash he can keep it that way.


#3 – The Scorpion Spear ThrowMortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat was a fighting game that gave a very real alternative to arcade scenes at a time where Street Fighter was king of the quarter eaters. The most memorable and impactful part of Mortal Kombat was not solely the shocking fatalities that wowed players at the time, but also from a simple special move with an iconic phrase. “Get Over Here”. Three simple words that not only meant I’ve caught you real good, but spoke volumes to players about to be on the receiving end of a very damaging uppercut.

Scorpion’s Spear Throw was so great not only because of its simplicity to execute, but in the way it set a player up to deal some real damage onto an opponent. Fans of Mortal Kombat may make an argument for Sub-Zero’s freezing ability, Liu Kang’s Bicycle Kicks, or even Johnny Cage’s “Nut-Punch” maneuver; but all of them would highly agree on the satisfaction of seeing someone come towards Scorpion after tagging them with the Spear Throw. One can’t help but display a grin every time it connects.


#2 – The Limit BreakFinal Fantasy

Now let’s get one thing straight here. A Limit Break isn’t necessarily one move to those that have played any of the games in the Final Fantasy series. Each number entry in the series has a variety of characters that when certain conditions are met, they are able to execute a unique series of attacks or actions dubbed a Limit Break. Whether its Cloud’s Omnislash, Squall’s Lionheart, Terra’s Riot Blade, or Cecil’s Soul Shift; Limit Breaks pack some serious punch.

This not only allows a character to go beyond their limitations for a brief moment and deal damage or give the battle different attacks, but does so with style. Depending on the game, as well as the character of choice, a limit break can have the look and feel of an Earth-shattering, universe warping, heavens calling attack; and still be done within the confines of a small room. That right there is flashiness and over dramatization at its finest.

#1 – The Falcon PunchSuper Smash Bros.

Gamers revere the power of the Falcon Punch, just as much as they fear it. When playing any of the Super Smash Bros. titles, there are a few things that players will notice in the behavior of their opponents when someone uses the Falcon Punch. Upon hearing Captain Falcon famously scream the attack, all other players proceed with the following thoughts on their minds. One, “Oh god…”. Two, “Oh god… dodge!”. And finally three being either a very softly said “phew”, or a very loudly proclaimed “DAMN IT!!!”.

The Falcon Punch is an attack that gives the most satisfaction upon impact, as well as the most panicked reaction upon hearing it start up. The most jaw dropping moments from Super Smash Bros. come from a well-timed Falcon Punch connecting to someone and watching them fly off the stage. Even the Falcon Punch itself is possibly no match for its own power, with many memes and spoofs made on the internet proclaiming just how strong it is. The special move itself has even made an appearance in the F-Zero GX anime, showing Captain Falcon delivering a super-powerful Falcon Punch to destroy his nemesis Black Shadow, with galaxy-illuminating results.

Such as this….

What are some of your favorite special moves in video games? Agree or disagree with the list? Leave us a comment in the comment section below and let your voice be heard.

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