Godzilla Preview – The King of Monsters Doesn’t Control Well

The one true king of kaiju has returned...

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I’m a huge fan of Godzilla movies. So much so, I’ve played the barrage of both good and terrible games that the big lizard has been a part of. So it was only natural that I would be excited to see the newest Godzilla game from Bandai Namco at E3 2015. With the power of the PlayStation 4 I felt it was finally time Godzilla got a proper and classically faithful video game rendition that pulled from the “force of nature” aspects of his legacy. But even with all of my fandom for the big guy, nothing could save Godzilla from what may be the more devastating force in the gaming world. the ruthless and dreaded thing known as terrible controls.

I had the chance to play one full mission of Bandai Namco’s Godzilla game, which was originally titled GODZILLA-VS (Gojira Buiesu) in Japan. The mission involved fighting Mecha-Ghidorah in Tokyo while subsequently enduring Japanese military helicopter and rocket attacks. The main objective was to naturally battle the opposing monster to the death amiss the chaos and destruction Godzilla leaves in his path. The entire skirmish was interrupted however when Space Godzilla appeared on the battlefield and began attacking with Mecha-Ghidorah cooperatively against Godzilla. In an instant the titanic battle became a monster sized handicap match.


This was awesome on many levels and had my inner kaiju fan going crazy with excitement. But this was all muddied up by the controls of the game, specifically in Godzilla’s movement. As Godzilla, players can move around the area with the left analogue stick and execute attacks with the face buttons on the DualShock controller. Attacking with Godzilla is great, as Godzilla’s fire-breath and charging attacks are easy to pull off, but Godzilla loses his momentum when he tried to turn his head.

The top shoulder buttons on the controller are used to turn from side-to-side when moving around, while the left analogue stick on goes forward, backward, and strafes. The logic behind this is definitely true to Godzilla’s size but is incredibly frustrating when trying to target an enemy, especially one that is fast and agile as the Mecha-Ghidorah I was battling.


Things only got worse for me when Space Godzilla showed up. I not only had to deal with two monsters, but ones that moved incredibly fast for their large size. Eventually I ended up getting killed by the combined attacks of both monsters, with the military hardly scratching my skin during the fight.

The controls were the biggest problem here. If the ability to look around was mapped to the the left stick instead of the shoulder buttons, I would have been able to turn around faster and last longer in the fight. There does feel like a difference in speed between the monsters and Godzilla himself, with Godzilla moving like a slow tank as he walks compared to the others who looked much faster.


My time with Godzilla was only a brief section of the game and definitely not something to judge the entire package just yet. The problems I did see however need to be addressed in order to make this game feel more fun to play. As a player I should not feel limited with the controls that I’m given. Godzilla needs more speed and a better way to turn around side-to-side. We can’t have the king of all monsters having the same problem as Batman once did.


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