Kingdom Hearts 2.9 Leak Listed for PS4

Another Kingdom Hearts game coming soon to PlayStation 4?

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According to a post on KH13,com that cited a Linked-In profile for game designer Richard W. VanDeventer, there may be a new Kingdom Hearts game coming out for the PlayStation 4. The profile for Richard has the title Kingdom Hearts 2.9 listed for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Richard apparently helped developed the game over a period of 10 months assisting in both game balance and boss planning.


There are a few noteworthy pieces of info here however that do call some things into question. Under Richard’s profile for the game is the inclusion of “Attraction Flow Planning and Documentation”. Attraction Flow is one of the names used for the summon mechanic that is part of Kingdom Hearts 3‘s battle system, which players can use magic based off classic Disney park rides.

You can see this in some of the trailers (shown below) released by Square Enix for Kingdom Hearts 3. Richard also listed the work he did on Kingdom Hearts 3 within his profile.

It’s unclear as to what exactly Kingdom Hearts 2.9 actually is, whether a collection of games or something entirely new. Hopefully Square Enix will clarify things soon, as the anticipation for anything Kingdom Hearts related is at an all time high.

We will continue to follow any new developments or announcements about Kingdom Hearts 2.9 that may come from Square Enix as they happen. Keep checking back on The Koalition for all the latest gaming news. You can also check out this Definitive Kingdom Hearts Series Retrospective that covers the entire series.



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