Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X Coming to North America [UPDATED]

The Kingdom Hearts series is coming to mobile...

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Those who are waiting ever so patiently for Kingdom Hearts 3 will have to hold on a bit longer. While it’s expected for news about Kingdom Hearts 3 to be revealed at E3 2015, fans of the Disney & Square Enix series will have something to hold them together till then. Only its not a console game, but a portable Kingdom Hearts game for your mobile device.

Kingdom Hearts X [chi], which is pronounced as “key” for the X, was originally an online game that was free-to-play for PC browsers. The game had purchasable in-game items for players that would go through its own set story within the Kingdom Hearts series that connects to Kingdom Hearts 3. There was a beta for the game held back in 2013 before its release on July 18th of that year.  The game told the story of the infamous “Keyblade War” from the series, and detailed events centered around it. Players could create their own character and become keyblade weilders, where they would collect lux (light) and fight off the forces of darkness in various worlds that were reminiscent from areas found in other Kingdom Hearts games.

This was originally only intended for a Japanese release, but all of that is about to change. In a recent publishing of Famitsu, Sqaure Enix revealed that Kingdom Hearts X [chi] would be getting an international release for both Europe and North America. The game is being released onto mobile iOS and Android devices under the name Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X [chi], and would feature content from the original game’s release.



According to a translation of the Famitsu interview with Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X [chi] is currently being tested in North America, where many suggestions are helping to change the game for the better.

More importantly, the game’s card system for battles is being replaced. Now players will be able to equipped medals to their avatar characters and unleash powerful attacks against enemies in battle. Another big change is the creation of dedicated servers for players overseas, which will be split into different language specific versions to support in-game chat. There are a ton of outfits for player avatars in-game. Different clothing pieces that mirror the style of mainstay characters Sora, Rikku, Mickey Mouse, and many others who have appeared in throughout the Kingdom Hearts series.

Interesting enough though, those who were able to play the original browser version of Kingdom Hearts X [chi] will be able to transfer their avatar from that game into Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X [chi]. This may offset the balance of players starting out at launch, but will definitely have a lot players jumping in to explore the new content. Those who transfer over an avatar from the browser game will receive special in-game rewards for doing so.


Check out these images from the Famitsu published story (partially translated)…

Images courtesy of original source at KH Insider

KingdomHeartsUnchainedX_Pic01 KingdomHeartsUnchainedX_Pic01 KingdomHeartsUnchainedX_Pic02 KingdomHeartsUnchainedX_Pic03 KingdomHeartsUnchainedX_Pic04


Hopefully during Square Enix’s press conference at E3 2015, more details about the game will be revealed. Keep coming back here to The Koalition for more details about Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X [chi] as it is revealed.


Are you excited about news on a new Kingdom Hearts game from Square Enix? Tired of waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about Kingdom Hearts Unchained X!

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