Little Battlers Experience is Big Mecha Custom Action

Small robots, big action...

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In the pre-E3 Nintendo Micro-Direct, Nintendo revealed a new robot battling game based on the Nickelodeon show Little Battlers Experience for Nintendo 3DS. The game maintains the anime aesthetic and flair with all of the explosions and high-octane action from the series. A lot of the game, much like the show, focuses on small palm-sized robots that people use to battle against each other in arena competitions.


Players will be able to create and customize their own battle robot with a variety of parts in game and battle in 6-player local wireless matches. With over 4000 different parts, and many more to be discovered, there is a lot of room to make a wide scope of custom robots to battle with friends. Robots can be equipped with two separate weapon types to use in battle, which can be switched between on the fly in a matchup. These weapons as well as the custom parts on robots can all be leveled up as you play and complete matches, which will make them stronger.

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Little Battler Experience will be releasing on August 21, just in time for the series to return for a new season in the fall.


Excited to see LBX get a game on Nintendo 3DS? Have a favorite robot from the show you want to see in the game? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about LBX on Nintendo 3DS!!!

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