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A new Pokemon appears...

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Mewtwo has been a character that Nintendo teased for a long time. Since his announcement during a Nintendo Direct last year, fans have eagerly awaited his arrival into the Super Smash Bros roster. As the first wave of new DLC characters for the game, Mewtwo is finally available for those who registered their both their 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros with Club Nintendo for download off the eShop. Now after spending a lot of time playing matches with him, it’s time to talk about the quality that Mewtwo brings to the table for Nintendo’s mascot fighter.

The first thing long time Smash players will realize is the similarity of Mewtwo’s move set to his Melee counterpart. Although this is a completely different game since Melee (Mewtwo was absent from SSB Brawl), Mewtwo still controls almost exactly as he did the previous game he appeared in. Some of the properties to his special moves are modified to an extent, but everything still feels the same. It’s almost as if Nintendo copied & pasted his move set straight from Melee in an attempt to keep long-time fans pleased. What is new however is his Smash Ball attack that transforms Mewtwo into his Mega-Evolution and delivers a psychic attack to everyone straight ahead of him.


When pitted against the rest of the cast of Smash Bros, Mewtwo surprisingly holds up well. The general consensus from Melee was that Mewtwo was among the worst characters included with the game. It was nigh-impossible to see any sort of serious player use Mewtwo in a competitive setting. This may have changed now because of the nature that Smash Bros on 3DS/Wii U has with its fighting, as there are no more ways to break the mechanics of the game for competitive play. Using Mewtwo’s side special attack and following up with a charged smash attack will be a more common sight among people who play online. While his jump floatiness may still be a hindrance for some players, others may find use in controlling air space and knocking opponents to the side.

Mewtwo does have his own trophies for completing the Classic and All-Star solo modes in the game. Between both the 3DS and Wii U versions, there are some differences between the trophies. On Wii U you receive a much cooler looking trophy that depicts Mewtwo’s Smash Ball attack for completing All-Star mode. While on the other hand, 3DS users get a variant color of the Mewtwo trophy that is similar to when they complete Classic Mode. They are nice additions, but the biggest disappointment is the absence of Custom Move Sets for Mewtwo. In the time I spent playing through the various modes of the game, not once did I discover any custom moves for Mewtwo to use when editing the move sets of characters. This does feel like Nintendo decided to just skip over this in favor of getting the DLC out in the time they promised. Hopefully in the coming months we can see an update that will add the ability to give varying moves to Mewtwo, so he may be on par with the rest of the roster.


Overall Mewtwo is a solid addition to the Smash Bros roster for 3DS and Wii U. The absence of custom moves is very disappointing, but there is room for Nintendo to address this. While many may take issue with so many Pokemon characters being included in the roster, Mewtwo definitely adds more variety with his unique moveset in comparison to the rest of the characters in the game. If you haven’t already downloaded Mewtwo for your Nintendo consoles, you should do so right away. Those who didn’t register their games with Club Nintendo will be able to purchase and download Mewtwo to their systems on April 28th from the Nintendo eShop.

Have you tried out Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros? Want to see your favorite character as the next DLC for the game? Leave us a comment below!

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