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In previous years that I attended Mizucon, I was always greeted with a cheery convention atmosphere. But 2015 was a calmer year for Mizucon attendees. While facing a split audience due to other events scheduled that same weekend, the convention was slow all around. This however didn’t mean there was a shortage of activities or special guests to see while attending Mizucon. The convention staff still managed to host a successful event with interesting activities and fun personalities.

Mizucon 2015 had Johnny Yong Bosch and Greg Ayres as their featured guest, both of which attended in previous years. Interesting enough, both special guests brought with them an element of musical talents that helped brighten things up at the convention. It was refreshing as much as it was uplifting.

While Johnny brought his band Eyeshine to play some hard rock for attendees in concert, Greg brought his DJ skills to spice up the night life at the convention during the Dance Party. Both of these performances helped keep things exciting despite the diffused atmosphere around everyone. It was something everyone needed.

The 3000 Brigade, a convention crowd favorite, also kept the good emotions flowing with their comedy show. The group blended their love of gaming and stage performance to create a fun and entertaining show that made everyone laugh out loud. Unlike in previous shows of the past however, the 3000 Brigade’s 2015 show had more commentary injected into the comedy. The frustrations of current events and convention scene politics helped garner many reactions from the audience with their striking thoughts and good timing. Pure, comedic gold.

The panels and Dealer’s Room were hit or miss depending on your own preferences. Panels at the convention catered to the interest of all different kinds of fandom. But the best part? No two important panels were hosted on the same time slot, which is a great thing that more conventions should pay attention to.

Strangely enough, there were no vendors selling video game related items in the Dealer’s Room. Although there were vendors selling a variety of items, it was puzzling to see no video games being sold alongside anime and manga. It just looked awkward and taboo compared to previous years.


As a whole, Mizucon 2015 was a well run convention that was under the stress of forces outside of their control. That’s a shame, especially for a convention hosted well and blamed for something they weren’t responsible for. The staff did a great job keeping things running smoothly and fun for attendees. Hopefully luck will be on Mizucon’s side next year and will be a more exciting time for attendees.

Did you attend Mizucon 2015 and have experiences to share? Want to see a specific guest at the next convention? Leave us a comment below and let your voice be heard!!!

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