Dissidia Possibly Coming to PS4 Next Year

Something else to look forward to in 2016.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy and it’s sequel were well received by Square Enix fans when they were first released on the PSP. The games brought together many characters from all across the Final Fantasy series and mashed them together into one fighting game. Combining both elements of fast paced action and the role-playing characteristics the series has been known for, Dissidia Final Fantasy and it’s sequel, Dissidia Duodecim, were among some of the best PSP games you could find.

Now a new sequel to Dissidia is being made for arcades in Japan, with a working title of just Dissidia Final Fantasy. In a report from Silconera, the game is being developed by Team Ninja for the arcades. But what is interesting is what was confirmed by Square Enix in a closed conference for the press.


According to Square, the game will be developed using the PlayStation 4’s “core system of technology”. Furthermore, Sony President Atsushi Morita teased everyone stating that he would like Final Fantasy fans to enjoy it “first” in the arcades. This could mean any number of things, including a possibility that Dissidia Final Fantasy might be exclusive for a year before making its way to the PlayStation 4.

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This is very exciting for Square fans looking to get more out of the hit PSP games. Hopefully we hear a more formal announcement or something in the works at E3 2015. Square Enix may some interesting stuff up their sleeves besides possible news about Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. We’ll be there this year to find out what they have to say, as well as any updates about Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Are you excited about the possibility of Dissidia Final Fantasy coming to PlayStation 4? Have a favorite character you want to see make an appearance? Leave us a comment about it below!!!

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