Nintendo World Championships 2015 to be Held During E3

Nintendo details some of their plans for E3 2015....

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A lot of speculation was circling around Nintendo’s plans for E3 2015. Many had believed at first that Nintendo would be discussing information about their next console, codenamed NX. However, Nintendo shot this down by stating they wouldn’t discuss anything involving NX or their new partnership with DeNA. This left a big question open: what would Nintendo be planning on doing for E3 2015?

In a surprising move, Nintendo has decided to hold the Nintendo World Championships 2015 on the Sunday before E3 officially begins. Not only do they plan on holding the event in Los Angeles on Sunday June 14th, but they will also be having their Nintendo Digital Event on Tuesday June 16th at 9AM PST, as well as the Nintendo Treehouse presentations on the E3 2015 showroom floor throughout the week.

This is good news for Nintendo fans, as they can finally see the company doing something on a large scale during what is the most important week for the video game industry. Bringing back the Nintendo World Championships may be a good thing, however there is the matter of the Digital Event going on that Tuesday. A confusing point to say the least…


For those of you that may have forgotten, Square Enix is holding their own press conference at E3 2015 during the same time slot that Nintendo is hosting their digital event. This means that those looking to catch the news from both companies one after the other may be a bit disappointed. This also means that some news from both companies may be eclipsed by the other, especially if Square Enix shows details on Kingdom Hearts 3 and Nintendo reveals new details on the upcoming Star Fox Wii U title.

Expect a ton of big news to come out during E3 2015. Keep checking back here on The Koalition for everything as we cover E3 2015 in Los Angeles. We’ll be there to catch all of the excitement and breaking news as it happens.

Excited about the NEW Nintendo World Championships at E3 this year? Worried about Square Enix and Nintendo hosting their conferences at the same time? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!!!

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