Splatoon Leak Shows Octolings Playable (UPDATED)

Big leak shows new Splatoon content incoming...

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Here is a list of all the weapons that are coming in the new update for Splatoon. This includes weapons shown during NWPlayer123’s stream while playing as an Octoling.



You can check out the Twitch live stream from NWPlayer123 showcasing all of the Octoling goodness. You may want to watch before Nintendo takes it down!!! (Stream is over now. Taken offline!!!)


Here are some new images of the Octoling gameplay from the stream. They show the Octoling customization with weapons and items, as well as the area for the amiibo challenges.

SplatoonOctolingLeak_Pic09 SplatoonOctolingLeak_Pic08 SplatoonOctolingLeak_Pic07 SplatoonOctolingLeak_Pic10


Original Post

According to a posting of images from @NWPlayer123 early in the morning, Splatoon may be getting a new update with tons of new content. The Octolings, a counterpart to the Inklings in the game, will be a playable species that will be live later today.

The playable Octoloings will have the ability to change into a kraken, similar to the squid form of the Inklings during the main campaign and online multiplayer. Octolings will have they own unique special abilities that may differ from the Inklings from before. Check out some of the images from @NWPlayer123.

SplatoonOctolingLeak_Pic06 SplatoonOctolingLeak_Pic04 SplatoonOctolingLeak_Pic01 SplatoonOctolingLeak_Pic05

In addition, the leak states that Splatoon may be getting new amiibo figures for an Octoling, as well as figures for Callie and Marie (this has been confirmed as speculation based on data found in the game’s data).

Since the images were posted, NWplayer123 has faced copyright taken notices directly from Nintendo, further adding to the legitimacy of the information being leaked. His follow-up post hinted at this stating “No copyright in the world is going to stop me…” along with a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog.

There is no official word from Nintendo about any of the leaked information since the posting. The newest update for the game will go live later in the day (Sept 19th), so we may see this new content firsthand. We’ll keep you posted on everything here on The Koalition as news breaks out.

Are you excited about the new Splatoon content coming? Want to see any other new features show up in Nintendo’s update? Leave us a comment below and let your voice be heard!

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