Umbrella Corps is Not Like Operation Raccoon City – NYCC 2015 Preview

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Many gamers were dissatisfied when Capcom released Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City in March 2012. The game was a spin-off from the Resident Evil series that tried hard to tie into the lore of the previous games, despite having completely different gameplay. The game received mixed reviews among fans and critics. Despite this, Capcom is once again creating a spin-off game set in the Resident Evil universe called Umbrella Corps. Cautious fans can calm themselves however, because this isn’t another Operation Raccoon City.

While attending New York Comic Con 2015, I had the chance to get hands-on time with a playable demo of Umbrella Corps. The game is a competitive shooter-style action game that is more multiplayer focused than previous entries in the series.

Unlike Operation Raccoon City, players will be dive into multiplayer matches rather than story missions set in the Resident Evil Universe. Matches are done in an Elimination format, where wiping out the opposing team wins the round. Winning the best out of five rounds helps your team achieve victory in the match.


The matches I played were set in very small maps that encouraged conflict between players. To spice things up, zombies are scattered throughout the level to keep the match tension high. The zombies will attack you and the opposing team at will, which could be used to your advantage during a match.

Any player killed by a zombie during a firefight with another player gives the other team points for the kill, making the zombies an asset to keep around sometimes. You can kill the zombies on the map much like any other player, but doing so didn’t help win matches in any of my play sessions.


What is interesting is that Umbrella Corps won’t have any strong story ties to anything in the Resident Evil cannon. Speaking with a Capcom representative, I was assured that anything that happens in Umbrella Corps won’t affect or be closely related to events in past or future stories of the series. The game is meant to be a fun spin-off away from the cannon that fans can enjoy without missing anything key to the Resident Evil lore.

But don’t expect to see any popular characters make a cameo. No characters from previous games will make an appearance in Umbrella Corps. This is different from Operation Raccoon City, where players were able to assist or fight against characters like Leon Kennedy in some missions.


The matches I played during my time with Umbrella Corps were short and fast paced. The competitive nature of Umbrella Corps is definitely there and could be taken further with a few more tweaks. There was a small bit of bullet-sponging when engaged in shootouts with other players, but this could be tweaked before the game’s release. I enjoyed having the small maps that bunched up the zombies and players together. This made me feel I was always engaged with something during a match and not wandering around aimlessly.

Hardcore Resident Evil fans won’t have to worry about this game turning out the same way that Operation Raccoon City did. What is here is definitely shaping up to be an interesting spin-off title worthy of the series name. Umbrella Corps is set for release in 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Are you interested in Capcom’s new game Umbrella Corps? Want to see more nods to the core Resident Evil series included in the game? Leave us a comment down below and let us know what you think!!!

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