YouTube Game Streaming and the Possible Battle Coming for Twitch

A look at the upcoming battle between YouTube and Twitch.

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If you’re plugged into the internet and are into video games, then you’ve probably become accustomed to the name Twitch. The online live streaming service has become synonymous with video game related content ranging from simple Let’s Plays, individual commentary, and big live competitive events. For the better part of four years, Twitch has been the place to go with live video game content on the internet. But now there’s a very harsh breeze of change in the air, and it’s coming from the digital conglomerate known as Google.

An article published by The Daily Dot reports that YouTube is preparing to relaunch their live streaming platform focusing largely on live gaming events and E-sports. Even more so, the big announcement according to many sources citied within the live streaming field claim this announcement could come during E3 2015. As YouTube itself is already an incredible large outlet for content creators to post videos about gaming, this will be a hard to ignore shot heard ’round the live streaming world should all of this come to fruition.


Although none of this is officially confirmed by YouTube or Google, there should definitely be a sense of worry for those in the Twitch TV camp. Not just because of the possibilities or ramifications that competition between both companies can have on everyone, but also with what they could be up against. It may take not be immediate, but try to wrap your head around the resources available to YouTube from Google. A company that not only has a pseudo-monopoly on most data floating around the infinite sea we call the internet, as well as the limitless reach among many skilled engineers and staff to construct and maintenance any service they want to create.


The thought of that kind of competition is definitely intimidating, yet not entirely impossible to actually compete with. Where things would really come down to is in the clever implementation of tools and assets that would be offered to content creators among both services. Twitch may be the most massively popular outlet for live streaming video games, but it isn’t infallible. And the same can be said with YouTube and its own video service. Where the problems can be shared amongst both however is if this possible competition comes at the expense of users and content creators out there. If either YouTube or Twitch offers services or creates guidelines that limit or stifle the abilities of creators, or hinders the ease of use for users, then everybody loses. That’s the kind of thing that nobody wants to come out of this, it’s something we definitely don’t need.

Despite YouTube’s vague and unclear response on the matter, Twitch and people who regularly use their service should take a massive note. It will be interesting to see the kind of response that Twitch has when a more formal announcement from YouTube is made. Twitch is a great service to stream just about anything, and has been very kind to the growth of video games and the gaming industry. Yet the possibility of an alternative means of streaming video games, a real heavyweight of competition, could have great ramifications for everyone involved. For all we know, the landscape of live streaming and watching video game content online could change at E3 2015.

Do you think YouTube would make great competition for Twitch for streaming video games? Are you a content creator and worried about this happening? Let us know in the comment section!

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