Mortal Kombat XL: Kombat Pack 2 Impressions

New content makes Kombat go XL...

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The latest downloadable content for Mortal Kombat X is packed with lots of new changes for the industry’s goriest fighting game. The XL change to the title is well deserved due to the amount of content provided in this iteration of the game, which adds more new characters and hidden features. Older Mortal Kombat fans will love seeing the many easter eggs and nods to older games of the series, while newcomers will have a very meaty fighting game to enjoy. Now may be the best time for everyone to take the dive into Mortal Kombat XL.

The four new characters for the Kombat Pack 2 offer a variety of fan service and fun cross-over shenanigans. The xenomorph Alien, from the Alien series, and Leatherface, from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, are the new guest characters alongside series veterans Bo’ Rai Cho and Triborg. Each of the characters have their own unique fighting styles, which differ depending on the variation you choose before a match. However, the variations this time around feel more different from each other, so everyone has more reasons to choose between different styles for one character.


The Alien and Leatherface have interesting ways of fighting based off their respective horror movies. Alien has the ability to summon Face Huggers and other xenomorphs as attacks, including calling upon the Queen from Aliens for one of its fatalities. This goes much further with the fan service than what the Predator content did before, including one easter egg of Johnny Cage quoting Hudson from Aliens before a match starts.

Leatherface fights similarly to Jason Voorhees as a powerhouse fighter, only his attacks are much more maniacal looking. Leatherface erratically moves around and howls with each attack using his chainsaw, much like in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. He is the slower of the two guest characters, but his fatalities are much gorier than the Alien. One of Leatherface’s fatalities has him hook an opponent onto a metal lift and slice them in two with his chainsaw.


Bo’Rai Cho and Triborg fight similar to their past game counterparts, with many of their special attacks carrying over from before. Bo’Rai Cho fights using drunken boxing and kung-fu, which provides some funny dialogue during a match. However, the more interesting of the two is Triborg, a fighter who is a combination of all the cybernetic ninjas from previous Mortal Kombat games.

At first, Triborg looks like a cheap way to include all of the cyber-ninjas into the game without wasting spaces on the roster, but the way this is done is clever. Each variation of Triborg is based on one of the three cyber-ninjas, with a hidden forth variation that can be accessed any time on the character select screen. The move sets of each are different, with various inputs and effects, and have variant victory screens for his fatalities and brutalities.


The new content for Mortal Kombat XL doesn’t end with just four new characters. Balancing updates for every fighter and new Stage Fatalities change things up for the better. The new stage fatalities on three of the game’s levels are pretty neat and add some extra fun to the finale of a match. Each character has a unique input to do a stage fatality, much like classic Mortal Kombat games have done before.

The Pit stage fatality is a fun nod to the original Mortal Kombat, but the other two stages are more gruesome and over-the-top with how opponents are killed. Seeing someone get dragged down by a giant squid or knocked into the air towards a flurry of SWAT Team gunfire is hilariously satisfying.


The second Kombat Pack offers some great content for new and veteran players of Mortal Kombat X. The additional characters are interesting and fun to play with in Mortal Kombat X’s online and offline modes. Stage fatalities are a fun addition to matches, along with all of the new updates that make this version of Mortal Kombat X the most balanced to date. Those who haven’t yet picked up Mortal Kombat XL for their game library yet have plenty of reasons to do so now.

These impressions were based on a digital code for the Kombat Pack 2 content for Mortal Kombat XL on the PlayStation 4, which was provided by NetherRealm Studios.

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