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EA’s Star Wars Battlefront is getting an assortment of downloadable content with its season pass based off the classic trilogy. To start things off, the Outer Rim content focuses on the vile underworld of the Bounty Hunters in the Star Wars universe. In addition, new playable heroes and a brand new objective based game mode called Extraction adds some variety to online multiplayer. While not the most abundant of new changes to Battlefront, this is a solid start to a long term plan of additional content.

The Outer Rim content spotlights new locations on Tatooine and Sullest, with Jabba’s Palace and the smelting factories being the focal points of matches. Jabba’s Palace is the most visually interesting since there are tons of nods to Return of the Jedi and easter eggs that fans will enjoy. The tight corridors of Jabba’s Palace will constantly have you searching around corners for enemies and getting into close range firefights.


The smelting factories are home to more open air battles, but the map is not as interesting to look at compared to Jabba’s Palace. The layout of the map itself isn’t bad for matches, it’s designed well, but the overall aesthetic could have used a bit more.

The new game mode Extraction has the Rebels trying to escort a supply barge to a set location, with the Imperials trying to stop them. No matter which side you are assigned, you have your work cut out for you. Keeping the barge protected and moving through waves of enemies online is a challenge on some maps.

There were some instances however where I felt the Imperials had a small advantage, especially in areas where the supply barge is stopped within a tight corridor to funnel enemies through. For the most part however, Extraction is a pretty balanced game mode.


Two new playable heroes are part of the Outer Rim content, Greedo and Nien Numb. Both play somewhat similar, as they are mid to long range heroes with powerful blasters and support items. While Greedo is a neat addition to the Imperial side, Nien Numb feels more out of place.

It would have been ideal to have Chewbacca as the next character to complete the cast of Rebel heroes that everyone knows form the original trilogy. Maybe this will come in the next batch of content for the season pass, which is geared to be Bespin’s Cloud City and the Death Star, but it would have been a better package for the Outer Rim content.


As a start for the periodic rollout of new content for EA’s Star Wars Battlefront, the Outer Rim is pretty good. Fans of Star Wars that love the universe will enjoy the attention to detail found in the new maps and additional characters. If you’ve already been enjoying the online multiplayer modes, then Extraction will be interesting for you to jump into. Let’s hope the next offering of season pass content gives Star Wars fans even more.

These impressions were based on a digital review code for the Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim downloadable content for the PlayStation 4 provided by Electronic Arts.

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