Anime Iwai: Soar 2017 Photo Gallery

Soar with Iwai...

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Anime Iwai is an anime and gaming convention that is hosted in Deerfield Beach, FL. The convention has a strong focus on anime and Japanese culture, with elements of gaming and otaku fandom mixed in with all the fun. This year at the convention, called Anime Iwai: Soar, we had our very own Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo was invited to be a guest and host a few panels over the weekend.

Below is our complete gallery of images taken from Anime Iwai: Soar. Check out the full gallery to see all the cool outfits, crowds, and amazing stuff we saw while checking out the convention over the weekend. Be sure to check out our Co-Op Podcast over the weekend, where we’ll talk more about our weekend at Anime Iwai 2017. Don’t forget to visit the Anime Iwai website for even more info!

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