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The Destiny 2 event in Los Angeles gave us a first look at what everyone can expect to see from Bungie’s upcoming sequel, which to the delight of many Destiny fans around the world provided a lot of reasons to be excited. Unlike what many would have expected, Bungie revealed many details about how Destiny 2 will be a huge improvement over its predecessor, as well as how the company has been listening intently to its large fan base.

While we all can expect tons of new weapon and armor loot to find across the many adventures that await us in Destiny 2, there’s a lot more happening that should give Destiny fans plenty of reason to get hyped up for its release in September 2017.

More Cutscenes, More Lore

In the trailer shown during the Destiny 2 event keynote, Bungie emphasized the effort that went into building the campaign. Players can expect more cutscenes and a more developed story that showcases more characters and the overall universe established in the first Destiny. Characters like Cayde-6 will appear more often as the fight goes on and the plot progresses through each of Destiny 2’s new planets that players will visit. During each mission, we’ll see more cutscenes in-between sections as players fight to save the Traveler from the Red Legion, the new Cabal enemies under the leadership of Ghaul.

The story of the original Destiny was mostly viewed as one of the weaker aspects of the game, despite the subsequent expansions providing more plot and narrative. With Destiny 2 however, Bungie seems to be giving players more story upfront rather than keep many of its plot hidden behind grimoire cards and other areas outside of the game.

Guided Games and New Multiplayer

The biggest news to come out of the Destiny 2 event was related to what changes Bungie would have to Destiny’s multiplayer. All modes for Crucible PVP multiplayer for Destiny 2 are now changed to having four players per team. Some game types will flow completely different from changing the number of players on each team, but will also make matches more suited towards a balanced competitive environment. This works well for the new PVP mode called Countdown, which acts like a Search & Destroy game mode reminiscent of Counter-Strike multiplayer where one team needs to plant & detonate a bomb while the other defends and tries to stop them.

In addition to this, Nightfalls/Raids/Trials games will be open to all players via the game’s new system Guided Games. This allows players who don’t have a squad or clan during their gaming session to be matched up with other groups online that need players to join them for any mode. If you’re someone playing online and your friends aren’t logged on, you can still play the Nightfall or Raid with another group.

This is a great addition for all players going into Destiny 2 that don’t always have a group on standby with them. No longer will anyone have to be left out from activities or miss out on loot because they can’t get together with a group. With Guided Games, even if your clan or group of friends can’t be online, you won’t be discouraged from diving into the content you want to play.

Destiny 2 on PC and BattleNet

For many interested in first-person shooters, the PC ecosystem is the definitive place to play your games. Destiny 2 will be available on PC and run at 60 FPS and support 4K resolution, as well as a completely customizable control scheme. Though a definitive release date is still unclear, as well as the minimum specs required to run the game, PC players have a lot of good things coming to them that will differ their experience from the console versions of Destiny 2.

More interestingly however is that Destiny 2 will be supported by the Blizzard App, which was formerly known as BattleNet. Not only is Destiny 2 the first game to appear on the platform not developed by Blizzard, but could possibly open the door to an audience not accessible on the home consoles. Blizzard App (BattleNet) is home to many players who have thrived within a strong competitive scene for Blizzard games like Overwatch and League of Legends.

Through this, it can be possible for Destiny 2 multiplayer to cross the threshold and become a big game for the competitive scene. The changes to the Crucible matches, games like to 4v4, work hand-in-hand with creating a balanced online multiplayer game that could get many competitive gamers on board and joining tournaments for Destiny 2. Though much of this is still up for debate, having Destiny 2 on PC opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the future of the series.

Are you excited for the release of Destiny 2? Like what you’ve seen from the game so far? Leave us a comment down below and let your voice be heard!

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