Holiday Matsuri 2017 Gallery

How games and anime celebrate the holidays...

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The holidays are a special time for everyone, including all of our favorite characters in the gaming universe and anime realm! To bring the fandom of gaming & anime together with that of the holiday spirit, the Holiday Matsuri in Orlando, FL is exactly what fans need.

With a ton of cosplay and events with a fun, exciting, and interesting holiday twists, you couldn’t find any other event that blends it all together. Want to see what 2B, Soldier 76, and Batman look like during the holidays, don’t worry… we got you covered!

Here is our official Holiday Matsuri 2017 Gallery. There’s tons of great cosplay, cool people, and interesting events that we saw while attending the convention over the weekend. Feel free to leave a comment if you were in attendance and made it into our gallery! Be sure to check out our Holiday Matsuri 2017 Podcast discussion here on The Koaltion!

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Did you enjoy out Holiday Matsuri 2017 Gallery? See yourself and your friends in one of our pictures? Want us to cover more events like this one? Leave us a comment down below and let your voice be heard!

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