Aperion Cyberstorm is A Twin-Stick Shooter Coming to Switch

When the bullets come out...

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The Nintendo Switch is having an increasing number of diverse games in it’s library across many different genres. One genre that hasn’t yet made an impact on Nintendo’s console is the bullet-hell or SHMUP style of games. However, developer aPriori is looking to be one of the first to bring such a game to the console in the form of Aperion Cyberstorm.

Via press release from aPriori:

Exploding onto Nintendo Switch in a shower of screen-filling fracas’ for up to five players, Aperion Cyberstorm challenges pilots to fly through hundreds of maps across three game modes, combining dynamic abilities and elemental effects to brutal effect and endless variety. Whether playing alone or with friends, this co-op shooter will leave players breathless and wanting more – they will uncover a conspiracy in Campaign, survive waves of enemies in Onslaught and fight for the crown in Versus…

Gameplay Features

  • Three modes of play: Campaign; Onslaught; and Versus
  • 1-5 player support in all modes
  • Campaign mode with ships, abilities, elements, and several difficulty levels to select/unlock
  • Onslaught mode with 16 maps of brutal challenge, with enemy compositions specific to each map
  • 16 maps in Versus, with a further 16 to unlock through play across all modes
  • Optional AI players in Versus mode for constant five player battles
  • Reverse controls, auto-activation of weapons and abilities, and scalable text for readability

The game will launch on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U and Steam on February 8th 2018 with Xbox One versions slated for later this year.

Does Aperion Cyberstorm look like an interesting game to you? Like how the Nintendo Switch library is growing more diverse? Leave us a comment in the comment section below and let your voice be heard!

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