Dragon Ball FighterZ – Is It Good On Nintendo Switch?

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There’s going to be a lot of Kamehamehas thrown on the Nintendo Switch now that Dragon Ball FighterZ has made its way to the console. If you missed out on our review of the game when it first released, you can check it out here. We enjoyed the fast-paced fighting, ridiculously flashy special moves, and roster of popular Dragon Ball characters. We still had a few criticisms about the game, but we mostly enjoyed what Dragon Ball FighterZ had to offer fans of the long running anime series. But is the port of the game on Nintendo Switch as strong as it is on other consoles? Or should Dragon Ball fans hold off on getting this game for their Switch? We were lucky enough to check it out, and we’re happy to report Dragon Ball FighterZ is still going strong on Nintendo’s portable system.

If you’ve never played Dragon Ball FighterZ before on either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, then you’re in for a real treat. On the Nintendo Switch, the game runs at 60 FPS and is as chaotic and fast-paced as the other console versions. All of the content in Dragon Ball FighterZ, both single player and multiplayer, is the same on the Switch. You’re not getting anything new or different in this version, other than the ability to play anywhere you want if you’re traveling. It would’ve been nice to see something a little extra for the Switch version of the game, even if it was something small as new titles or emotes to use within the online lobbies for the game, but this is the same game as before no matter how you look at it.

Playing matches on the Switch portable mode is pretty good and works out well on the smaller screen. The action you see doesn’t look crowded or compromised when in portable mode and the controls are still incredibly responsive and solid for matches. Unlike the other console versions of the game, however, the directional inputs on the Switch joycon controllers may be awkward for some players.

Most may opt to use the analogue stick on the joycon during gameplay instead of the directional buttons, but if either option is helpful you can still use the other Switch controller options when playing with the Switch docked. This doesn’t solve the awkwardness of using the directional buttons for movement when playing portably, so you’ll have to make due if you’re on the go.

Playing local multiplayer on the Switch with the joycons is good, but not ideal for competitive matches. You can have up to six players with their own controllers for some fun team battles, which can get hectic and fun. However, trying to execute combos with complex timing can be a struggle if you’re not a fan of how small the joycon controllers can be, especially when playing a fighting game. It’s still a great option when you want to play multiplayer with a friend (or five friends!) that doesn’t own a Switch, but it might be better suited for causal play rather than serious competitive battles.

Playing Dragon Ball FighterZ online with the Switch is the same as other consoles. Provided you’re on a stable online connection via Wi-Fi, you can have some pretty good matches against others around the world. The inverse of that can be said if the connection you use, or if the other player you’re matched up with, is pretty bad. Despite that however, the majority of matches you can play in Dragon Ball FighterZ online will be stable. The different modes you can access online are the same as other consoles, but you’ll have to once again work your way up the ranks online since your online rankings aren’t connected between consoles. The number of active players online with the game is good, but debatable if it’s comparable to the active users elsewhere. But you won’t be waiting long for a matchup when you go into Ranked or Ring battles online.

If you wanted to bring the fun of Dragon Ball FighterZ with you everywhere, then playing it on the Switch is the best way to do so. The game runs great on the Nintendo Switch, you have the same single-player and multiplayer content available as other consoles, and a number of controller options to fit just about any occasion. The same criticisms we had about the game beforehand are still there, but that doesn’t mean the game is any less fun or great to have on the Nintendo Switch.

These impressions are based on a physical review unit of Dragon Ball FighterZ for the Nintendo Switch, provided by Bandai Namco.

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